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A new era for BLOG BOOSTER

I am now running the Postpromoter upvote bot!

This is undoubtedly positive for you and your posts, as you don't have to wait for my unstable owner to come and promote your posts.
Send a minimum of 0.005 SBD or STEEM to @blogbooster, and your post get an upvote from me. But not only that; you also get a BOOST with multiple upvotes from my curation trail!

Think about this; you get 5,6, maybe 7 upvotes, for the cost of one!

Higher bids give higher upvote from me!

But wait; it gets even better!

If you send 0.1 or more you also get a resteem to my 4200+ TRUE followers!

Requirements for your post;

  • Minimum 20 minutes old
  • MAX 5 days old
  • No NSFW post

That's it.

Have fun getting BOOSTED!

(My owner will occationally make free resteem posts so make sure you still follow me)
(No refunds below 0.002 because of bot war problems)

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Nice to see you are growing .. I will give your new service a shot for my below topic.

Lets Get You Noticed : Steemit Tips / Tricks Part 5



Excellent service as always. I look forward to using again in the future !

@blogbooster its been more than 12 hours since I transferred required amount but still waiting for upvotes and resteem. thanx


Hello, I am not sure what went wrong here but I'll give you some upvotes and resteems manually to compensate. The curation trail follows

Back yet again !

This time I would like to boost one of my followers post.



@rentmoney, you are really caring for your followers, so I resteemed this one and a couple others for free!
Keep up your good work!



That was very kind of you.
Thanks for the free resteems they are appreciated.

I'll be using your services again in the very near future.

Hi, I have a query. how do you know post to upvote? Is the min. Is for lifetime posts upvote or one time upvote?