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Hi everyone

I don't write much, but I want to let everyone know about our terms of use.

@upmyvote is a promotional tool, for all Steemians to use, but we need to have some standards. Effective immediately, we will remove votes and not offer a refund if we find any post to be plagiarized or using stolen content without permission. We will review previous submissions for an author when this happens. If we find this is a frequent thing, we will add the user to our blacklist.

While there is no official policy on how many posts a day a user can do on Steemit, we will blacklist users making an abnormal amount of posts and using bots to upvote them. While I don't have an exact number to give you, think 10 to 20 or more posts a day as a good guideline. It will be done on a case by case basis and the quality of the post is a large factor.

@upmyvote is about offering a way for quality content to get increased exposure and get more attention, not farm the reward pool with spam.


hello i sent a bid and received no vote

I see a vote:

i sent 2 by mistake one was 1.480

All four of your copy pasta's have been voted on. There are no transactions for 1.480 in your entire wallet.

Making screenshots of text doesn't exempt you from plagiarism.

not copy paste is excerpts of various articles on news some with associated videos and quotes is within fair use not full plagiarized articles

here are transfers
one from bittrex
one from wallet here

Two bids will be combined into one larger bid if they are inside of the same window. If they are not, we can only vote once, so the second bid will be ignored.

not copy paste is excerpts of various articles on news some with associated videos and quotes is within fair use not full plagiarized articles


no one went in one window and got no vote other went few hours later

and yes wasn't plagiarized work was excerpts with full attribution to sources

hello, sry but i did miss send 1 sbr. may you please send it back?

All three the post was too old. We cannot vote past 6 days 11 hours.

Oh sorry sir i didn't know that can you refund that please?

We do not do refunds, sorry.

And what will it cost to refund? There is no transaction charges on steemit...

It's how the third party bot tracker site effects bid windows. If someone bids $50, people stop bidding. If we have to refund that $50, we make $0 and don't have money to pay for our SP.

New Steemit logo.png

Ok what you gonna say now ? you take my bid and my post old 5 days and you didn't vote my post?

You are on a global blacklist as a spammer.

I don't think this is acceptable, there was no notice about the age of posts in your Terms of Use. Also it might be good just for PR if you refunded @zakariashikder in this one exception... And update your T&C.

Your terms of use did NOT explain this limit, therefore you should refund. While it may be a generally known post age limit some users do not know this.

hello @upmyvote
i alredy send 1SDB buy but not recive vote..
why dear ?

please help me dear

How do i get an upvote from you? Enlighten me pls

how do you guys judge on what is good quality? I think my latest blog is pretty good quality. next time if i write another one and donate 1sbd what are my chances of getting the exposure ?


Please @upmyvote,i paid 1.5 sbd for this post to be upvoted and as at the time of the payment, the post has over 24 hours to go

The URL in the memo sent was invalid.

I am sorry, but we are unable to offer refunds on user errors.

Hello, i sent a bid and you didn't upvote, 3hours to go, will i get refund or what?

The post was too old, STEEM does not allow votes past 6 days 12 hours.
I am sorry, but we do not have refunds.

well i assume it's a scamm then

postingan anda sangat mennarik saya sangat suka @upmyvote

Hi @upmyvote I sent mistakenly 0.2 sbd and did not get upvote please return me . Thanks

I'm sorry, we do not do refunds on user errors.

then please provide an upvotes . it will be very kind of you

@upmyvote please I am waiting. It is hard for us to make SBD so please either upvote or return. Thanks. I admit it's my mistake but please do a favor thanks

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