Upmewhale Writing Contest! Global Warming and Climate Change, What Can Be Done?

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Pretending to address lightly the issue of global warming, which derives from climate change and its devastating consequences, as if it were a fashionable song and then forget when the ranking falls, it is an act of absolute irresponsibility.

On the part of civil society in general as well as the governments of the world. In the latter, most of that responsibility falls because they are the ones with the absolute power of the economy of the nations, the management of resources and the voice of command to execute the actions they deliberate.

I recognize that environmental movements have been organized by groups of people who, with sincere intentions, fight at arm's length, raising their voices so that the governments of the world will listen to them and take actions of high ecological impact, which once and for all stop the inevitable tragedy that it's coming.


The image belongs to Mati Estefania Pérez with his permission to use it.

But I don't know enough, it takes the strength of a large-scale volunteer as the need of our planet to be saved.

Enough of doubting a faulty logic, the palpable reality that demonstrates with irrefutable facts the nature of our planet is in irreversible danger.

For example, as the yellow headlines of some print media social in general, who claim that global warming is in doubt, because snowstorms have recently occurred in Washington, according to the words of Senator Jim de Mint when he pointed out: ... "It will continue to snow until Al Gore gives up ..." To what many alarmed scientists cataloged as an absurd and irresponsible statement.

Scientists denied with statistical data such reports from The National Center for Statistical Data (NCDC), The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA), announced that the global temperature of this month of January has been the warmest and It will continue to rise, although NASA points out that solar radiation is declining in every century.

Scientists denied with statistical data such reports from The National Center for Statistical Data (NCDC), The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA), announced that the global temperature of this month of January has been the warmest and It will continue to rise, although NASA points out that solar radiation is declining in every century.



There is an overwhelming scientific consensus that states that global warming and the consequences that derive from it, are mainly due to human activity, which throws away the absurd statements of the rulers who turn a blind eye, to overlap their petty materialistic interests and continue to exploit nature regardless of its destruction.

Without realizing it, they are destroying themselves and their future generation

¿Could it be that before the serious attacks of nature, such as the voracious fires that occurred in the Amazon and in Australia, the collapse of the poles and the repeated floods, make them change their minds and decide to put themselves on the right side of the story?

I am not so sure. For them there will never be enough evidence to convince them of the pressing need to take decisive action to curb climate change.



The world government does not care how many hectares of forest have been burned in the fires, how many poor animals perished, how many oil barrels have been spilled into the sea, or how many human victims are charged by earthquakes and floods, because of the ecological imbalance that we are living today.

So we have nothing left but to take actions by our own hands

We can do a lot from anywhere on earth where we are. It is not necessary to go to the White House for us to be heard. From our home, for example, we can start by contributing to the saving of electricity, of drinking water.

To be more specific, I will name seven measures that we can put into practice in our daily lives that can contribute to curbing global warming

Number 1



Using the car less (causing most of the CO2 emission), instead, use the underground train, or if you don't have to travel such long distances, walking is an excellent and healthy option.
Another quite viable option would be to travel by bicycle, while you exercise and do not consume fuel.

Number 2



Turn off the computer, the TV and all those appliances that can do without electrical power while you do not use them. And those who need to stay on, put in energy saving mode.

Number 3



A low carbon diet. Consuming less meat helps reduce livestock work, which experts say generates a high percentage of pollutants in the atmosphere, and instead incorporates more organic fruits, vegetables and food into your healthy diet.
Eat the fruits and vegetables of the season and the region where you live, so you avoid extrusion emissions from transport and packaging.

Number 4



Recycle. According to La Greenpeace, a great way to initiate actions against global warming is to implement the well-known rule of the three "R":

Reduce, recycle and reuse. Reduce: the purchase of food and products that imply greater environmental impact.
Reuse: or use consumer products several times. Recycle: Use product waste as raw material that may be useful for a second purpose.

Number 5



Plant trees, all you can, in the city, in the parks, in the countryside, at the headwaters of the rivers, lakes, lagoons, streams. In this way you contribute to stop the deforestation and help the river bed to increase its flow.

Number 6


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Reduce water consumption, closing the tap well, avoiding liquid leaks. Take a quick shower, turn off the tap while soaping. Wash clothes with cold water and forget about prewash. Experiments carried out in domestic rooms have shown that performing these practices saves 80% of water.

Number 7



It continues to demand from the governments of the world a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Send proposals where they are required to use more sustainable public transport, promote the use of bicycles. Require labeling on edible products, where the origin, time of freshness of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits are specified.
Promote the rule of the three "R" (reduces, refuse and recycle).

We united as a population has more strength than we can imagine, demanding that governments take measures to create a global conscience and act from the individual. Every action we take for a single cause, will add awareness to fight global warming and climate change.

Thank you friends for coming and sharing on this very important topic



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Un verdadero llamado de conciencia a los que tienen el poder en sus manos para que tomen acciones contundentes al respecto y dejen de dar pañitos tibios que lo que hace es empeorar la situación, por otro lado muy bien mi pequeña ambientalista por crear conciencia desde el hogar con esas medidas de ahorro, reuso y reciclaje para contribuir a la disminución del calentamiento global. Gracias por compartir, ojalá te lean muchos.