Upmewhale Writing Contest! Global Warming and Climate Change, What Can Be Done?

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Hello Steemians! And welcome to the second writing contest hosted by @upmewhale to incentivize the creation of quality content in the spirit of #NewSteem

TOPIC: Climate Change/Global Warming.

In this @upmewhale contest we intend to encourage Steem authors to share their points of view on the topic and to create an authentic, sincere debate about the issue. Yes, we know this topic is highly controversial but it's also a very interesting, complex and nuanced issue that we would like to see the community address in the context of a healthy debate.

Some cues to get you started:

  • What is climate change?
  • What does it mean to you? How does it impact you and your community?
  • To what degree is it an instrument of certain political agendas?
  • How can we manage/solve it? Share your ideas.
  • What theories and data do you believe and which not? Why?
  • What are the main technologies and countries responsible for it?

In order for your entry to be considered, please write at least 500 words accompanied by at least one image. We want users to create a meaningful original content and engage with other users in the comments. The best comments will receive some tips from us.


  • Your entry has to be written in English, with a minimum of 500 words.
  • Only one (1) entry per user is allowed.
  • The post must be of the highest quality and free from plagiarism.
  • You can use text, ideas and/or images that are not your own, but you have to put the source(s) right next to it/them.
  • You must use the tag #self-power as the FIRST tag (mandatory). Also, try to use other tags related to this contest, such as #climate-change, #warming, ...

This contest will be active for "15 days" starting today 26 Jan, 2020 and will be closing on 23:59 UTC February 9th.


Quality posts will be rewarded with high upvotes according to their effort and the originality of the content.

Good luck and God Speed. Let the games begin!


Author rewards beneficiary to @steem.dao is "50%" and 50 % to @null


This is indeed an amazing topic. This is quite an engaging theme that could be used to solve a real life problem. I missed the first edition of the contest and hopefully won't miss this.

Thank you @upmewhale for sponsoring this epic writing. I expect this to come on a more frequent basis.

I hope to see Upmewhale Life/Solution Magazine soonest.

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A short time ago I joined her, I hope it will be continuous support between us
He promised to support by voting with love and appreciation

Thanks for the opportunity to participate
in your writing contest, here's my entry!

Curated for #informationwar (by @thoughts-in-time) | Excellent contest idea!

Our purpose on steem is to encourage posts discussing information war, propaganda, disinformation, and liberty. We are a peaceful group of truth-oriented individuals. The topics we write about are those that the controlled social and mainstream media actively suppress. You can learn more about our mission, various websites, and community benefits by clicking here!

Ways you can help the @informationwar!

In the entries published here, I had not read about bioethanol. How good you did it. You reminded me of an alternative.

Thank you dear @upmewhale for your sensitive contest, making positive movement towards environment..

Here is my entry-https://steemit.com/self-power/@certain/climate-change-global-warming-my-submission-for-upmewhale-writing-contest

Hi... @upmewhale
I'm a newcomer to the steemit platform,
I really want to get votes from you, how can I get votes from you and what are the terms and conditions?

We really need more such contests which will help us in a great way i will definitely join.

Nice one, I will certainly involve in this topic

a very important and often underestimated issue. I love this peculiarity of Steemit to stimulate our writing skills.

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Great topic for a writing contest. I think I am in :) Thanks for hosting this interesting challenge guys.

This is a great topic @upwhale! Thanks for the initiative, very timely! I should involve with this. How about POETRY Writing? 😊

This contest stands out to be one of the greatest in human equinimity, challenging to every creature, hence the way forward. Thanks for giving us the chance to share what will solve this canker. Resteemed @oppongk.

one of the best contest to protect earth

I think this is a very important topic and I am happy to see a writing contest for it. !trdo

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Thanks @upmewhale for touching such an important topic. Including a translation in Spanish I would like to reach many users even Spanish speakers.

Mi post

A great initiative that addresses a current global issue that is more worrying every day. Thank you team @upmewhale for these spaces. Get ready to participate.

Good enough to detox all the pain.

A nice pick on the contest theme guys, this definitely would yield some great written pieces with interesting opinions regarding much talked about issues which are felt being less talked about to some extent.

Thanks for bringing this up sir :)
I'm in !
#steem on !

Greetings, friends. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to follow initiatives like this. My entry here.


hello buddy can you help me? 🙏

Hi, friend! I have a question, are you still doing healing work within Steemit? I would like to ask you if you could support a community? :)

This is a nice topic, as a scientist an a biologist I think I have a whole lot to write about this topic.
Thanks @upmewhale for this.👏👏👏👏

Saludos amigos @upmewhale les expreso mi complacencia al poder encontrarme con esta convocatoria, la cual me parece excelente al querer llamar a la comunidad steemiana a laborar contenidos que realmente ofrezcan un aporte valioso a todos los que hacen vida en esta plataforma, con contenido proactivo que deje una enseñanza y valores en beneficio de todos los que poblamos el planeta tierra, que muchas veces ignoramos sin darnos cuenta que es nuestra casa y como tal, debemos cuidarla y honrarla. El tema me parece excelente, donde hay mucha tela que cortar, me sumo a la iniciativa amigos, y desde ya me pondré a trabajar sobre mi participación. Gracias por la convocatoria.

Thank you friend @upmewhale for bringing these kinds of issues of global importance. I am not fluent in English, so I am allowed to rely on a translator. I want to participate.
A hug.

Thabks upmewhale for this contest
This is my entry to the contest

Thank you so much for arranging the present time by beautifully arranging the post.

Why would you write about a hoax?

Honestly it would just be sad if most Steemians view this topic as "controversial"...

Sure, with regards to the extent governments can justify increased taxation on behaviours and consumption that contributes to pollution and/or use tax-payer dollars to subsidise green-energy solution is up for debate and I'm sure the large number of people here who prefer a small government have strong opinion on that. But as for whether or not climate change exists and that humans contributes to it, there really is no debate. You either understand the evidence for it or you don't.

What makes it controversial snd this is from my perspective of course is the fact that for s lot of us in less deceloped societies, it really isn't evident. There's literslly no effect or change in our climate.

Así es amigo tienes toda la razón, es un tema de salud pública urgente, de emergencia planetaria, en la que urge despertar la conciencia de amor y protección hacia nuestra casa galactica que está a punto de colapsar. Los gobiernos del mundo, sólo muestran un teatro donde aparentan preocupación, cuando en realidad gastan millones y millones en armas y en crear virus para sembrar el terror y el pánico en la sociedad dormida que les sigue el juego sin darse cuenta. Se entiende perfectamente lo que quieres expresar.

Hello friend, thank you for bringing these initiatives to the platform. They help us understand that doing activities that help the system is not a one-day event.

I went overboard with the images but I was too inspired... Thank you very much


An excellent initiative that is open to users who like to contribute ideas for a problem that we are currently addressing such as global warming and climate change, thanks to @upmewhale for this contest, this is my entry to the contest: https://steemit.com/hive-177682/@carlos84/global-warming-and-climate-change-what-can-we-do-upmewhale-writing-contest

Climate change is a significant factor which the Rolf has neglected over the years. Australia has suffered more from its consequences than any other countries in the world. We hope the world will embrace green energy initiatives in order to appease the gods of the solar system/layer above us

I will submit my entry ♥

I delegated 250sp to @upmewhale

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Let me introduce my version of what is happening. A little bit of my observations and thoughts on a given topic. Have a great day!

Eye opener

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It is a matter of primary importance, we can no longer pretend that everything is fine ...

Irie upvote
Inspiration to entire

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Thanks @upmewhale for giving us steemers a chance to showcase this serious global concern by sharing our thoughts and ideas on how we can make the world a better place...
here is my participation article post link: https://steemit.com/self-power/@hustlehacker/climatic-changes-and-global-warming-my-participation-for-upmewhale-s-contest

Be sure to enjoy the read and drop an upvote for me if it helps you.

As i submit my participation article link, I would like to thank @upmewhale for creating such a sensible and educative contest.

This link is my participation article to your contest which acts as a proof of entry for my participation regarding all the terms and rules of the contest at large observed.

Creating Awareness On The Corrupted Climate Change & Global Warming Universal Concern

This is really a great initiative, we really need these contests here to engage the steemians and have quality content.

Greetings friend @upmewhale, this is my entry to your contest.


However, I have received downvote from some users and I don't see why.


Hello, I leave my participation, I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your initiative


I have attached two articles that endorse the content of my publication to counter the observation left by @jaguar.force in its publication where I ask the reason for its downvote.


Good day, thanks for the opportunity that I offer to the users with this excellent topic as a proposal, this way my participation. Greetings.


Twiteer: https://twitter.com/BelkisGuzmn/status/1223241389842083846

This is a pretty cool initiative and lovely contest. The topic is also of great importance and I would definitely be taking part in this contest. Thanks for the opportunity @upmewhale.

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greetings @upmewhale thank you for this opportunity and for helping people to educate themselves by looking for ways to preserve our environment, here I humbly leave the entry to the contest, hoping it will be


Here is my entry : Surviving the Climate Change !

Thanks for creating such awesome contest !

This is very nice contest and I will submit my entry soon. Thanks for giving the opportunity to share posts about it.

This is the contest I'm waiting for from @upmewhale. as a steemians who are always active, I will participate in this challenge, I will share climate developments in the area I live in Indonesia. thank you for this climate contest, greetings compact always 😊

Your post has been upvoted because of similarities to the #informationwar project (by @wakeupnd)

  • Our purpose is to encourage posts discussing Information War, Propaganda, Disinformation, and Liberty. We are a peaceful and non-violent movement that sees information as being held back by corrupt forces in the private sector and government. Our Mission.
  • Discord, website, youtube channel links here.

Delegate to the @informationwar! project and get rewarded

The problem of these promotions is that one has already published on the subject, and has received few votes, it is only necessary that a whale is interested in the subject to receive rewards, people are interested in important topics by fashion.

Here my old link for you to read


What would happen if the bonds had been directed to the ecological projects that make life in Steemit?

I have noticed that in this social network very little they support the ideas and activities of us environmentalists; even so I will participate in the contest.

Sowing a tree you support our cause.

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