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Gold level is easy enough to reach and I am sure there are plenty on Gold members but Diamond and Platinum?
Highly doubt there are any in the Platinum club and maybe a couple in the Diamond Club if any?
If you are screenshot in the comments would be cool.
Maybe kryptogames should lower the limits to entry or even get rid of the Platinum level as it is rarely going to be achieved and can safely say never going to be maintained.
If the betting limits were increased maybe there would be a chance but with max bet being 400 to achieve 1m wager requirement is pretty much out of reach.
Following are dividends to date.
With price of Hive skyrocketing this makes them even more lucrative



I’ve felt the limits are high as well. I hope we get more players as this has been one of the best website for gaming.

Agree. However doubt we will get much more players would be good.
I suggested an exchange - tokens for votes.
Or top players get upvotes then curation rewards are used to buy gamers off market then burnt
They are devs have zero business accumant .
At current burn rate i will be 436 years old before there is a price rise lmao

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