MAXUV Weekly Statement & Token Distribution - 12 April 2020 [MAP Steem FinTech]

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Welcome to our weekly MAXUV account statement.

Much of this is restating what I said last week, just so that members feel comfortable with the new way in which MAXUV will operate. I shall be sending out comments with our votes, as I feel many members have not even noticed the new weekly token rewards.

MAXUV token-holders will see their weekly token rewards sent today.

MAXUV is currently in a "transition phase" as it transforms from a vote-bond into a reward-simulator. I mentioned before that we were in "experimental mode" but the full change will need to wait until we have processed the winding down of two tokens and the creation of a new MAXUV-Hive.

MAXUV shall continue to operate on the Steem blockchain and will also be working on Hive once Hive-Engine is operational. MAXUV members currently enjoy an extra bonus of upvotes on Hive posts!

However, both MAPX and MAPXV are winding down and many members have opted for the token-swap into MAXUV. This has already resulted in a significant increase in active MAXUV tokens, but the assets that back those tokens will have to wait for the power-downs to take place and the STEEM to be transferred to MAXUV and then powered-up. The same will need to happen on the Hive chain.

The good news for current MAXUV members is that, during this transition phase, you will be getting both the usual upvotes and the weekly dividends.

A reminder from previous posts, that the voting will remain at 100% for 2,000 tokens, but the capital limit has been raised to 5,000 tokens for a share in the weekly rewards.

We are working on automating this distribution and the formula to be used in our calculations. However, as members continue to receive upvotes, the payouts will be purely based on the tokens held.

We have also added some tokens at the buy-back price of 0.90 STEEM, although I note there is a large sell order that is currently making use of these buy-backs. This is for the benefit of those who wish to sell their payout, but you may, as always, trade on the market as you wish. Note that our sale price during this period has been increased to 1.95 STEEM as it takes into account the coming airdrop on Hive. This will come back down to 1.0 STEEM when the transition phase has been completed.

If this may seem slightly complicated, the logistics have been put in place in such a way that current MAXUV members will actually see an increase in their total earnings; these now include both upvotes and reward payouts.

It is no longer possible to give a single figure for potential earnings as this depends both on the number of tokens held and the number of posts made and upvoted. We can, however, give an estimate of a 2000 MAXUV token-holder posting once per day. On average, such a user can expect about 7.70 STEEM per week. This is equivalent to about 20.0% APR, up from last week's 17.9% APR.

This is really good value in a market where delegation leases are at about 13% APR, and even then you'd need to delegate at least 1,000 SP.

For those of you who watch such numbers, our ABV has dropped considerably but this is temporary and will be back up as soon as we are able to transfer funds from the two tokens winding down. This will take a number of weeks, but the estimated earnings take into account our actual SP and actual reward income so that members will not really notice the transitioning. The ABV may, indeed, fall further before it starts to rise again.

The difference between MAXUV and MAPR is that MAXUV will have no delegators and will be paying out in MAXUV tokens whereas MAPR does accept delegators, pays out in tokens to auto-compound but does not give upvotes nor measures posting activity.

I hope these two programs will help members achieve greater rewards from both staking and posting.

Enjoy your week!

The MAXUV headline figures are:

MAXUV tokens active = 31,240
SP in MAXUV = 10,080
Voting SP = 18,895
Other STEEM = 808
Total STEEM = 10,888


Estimated Earnings = 3.85 STEEM per 1000 MAXUV = 20.0% APR

Note that "Other STEEM" is the sum of all holdings not powered up as SP: liquid STEEM and SBD plus holdings within Steem Engine. Also note that such values are volatile, especially any holdings priced in US$, so the above numbers are a snapshot and may have changed when you look at the @MAXUV account.

The Asset Backed Value (ABV) is our total holdings calculated in STEEM divided by the number of active MAXUV tokens.

Full details of how the MAXUV token operates can be found at our launch document.

Any questions, please ask in the comments below or in our public chatroom.

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