#Upfundme Crowdfunding Support and Current Funds of Interest

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What Is An Upfunfme?

#upfundme is getting used more and more every day to help steemians with various crowdfunding goals from medical bills to an xbox one and everything in between. You can post in #upfundme and get support from @upfundme and it's steemauto curation trail. You can find the general guidelines for posting under upfundme here to get the best out of your crowdfund.

How Does Earning STEEM Buy Anything?

You can sell your earned steem on various exchanges for bitcoin, then use a service like localbitcoins.com to sell your bitcoin for money. From localbitcoins you can sell the BTC and have the money electronically transferred into your bank or Paypal account. There are fees involved along the way so try to factor this into your fund goals.

The Future

Eventually there will be an upfundme web app developed out of the funds saved in steem power in this account. So this is kind of an ongoing upfundme for the web app. Steem Power will also be used to help others complete their #upfundme crowdfunding goals.

How You Can Help

Support funds of interest using #upfundme, resteem other peoples funds, support the community with upvotes, resteems and comments.

You can follow the @upfundme steemauto curation trail, this trail votes on all crowdfunds that follow the general guidelines for #upfundme.

You can delegate Steem Power to @upfundme. This Steem Power can be undelegated by you at any time.
Delegate 5 Steem Power
Delegate 10 Steem Power
Delegate 25 Steem Power
Delegate 50 Steem Power
Delegate 75 Steem Power
Delegate 100 Steem Power
Delegate 250 Steem Power
Delegate 500 Steem Power

Help point me in the direction of documentation on working with steemconnect and building web interfaces for the steem blockchain. Upfundme will be much better with a web portal with planned included services.

Upfundme's of Interest

To support these funds visit the steemians wall for their most recent #upfundme posts. You can also find all posts following the guidelines resteemed from @upfundme. To make this list follow the guidelines and support the #upfundme community.

@dizzyjay is upfunding some much needed dentistry and has decided to put all posts he makes towards his #upfundme goal. Help support his upfundme by upvoting any of his blog posts!


@sparkosonic is trying to fund a replacement phone as she has lost regular access to steemit and any other outside social media. You can dind her most recent upfundme on her wall or in @upfundme's blog feed.


@flutterby29 -Fund for a Panasonic hc-x1000e camcorder


@madstacks - Funding a self built mini motorhome, #steembasicincome shares for the upfundme community and a gold half sovereign. @madstacks runs day to day curation for @upfundme.


@owenwat - Funding #steembasicincome shares for the #steemsilvergold community.


@rishi556 - Funding a DJI Phantom 4 Pro


@taskmanager is funding SBI memberships for holders of the TASKMANAGER bitshares token


@jordan1219444 is funding a trip to plant trees this summer


The @tmholdings Delegation kitten posts pay for Steem Power delegations on multiple accounts, including @upfundme. Voting for the Delegation Kitten helps extend these delegation leases to continue support for this and other communities.



@taskmanager - Created and funded upfundme. #upfundme content curation and steem power support. Every valid #upfundme gets a vote from @taskmanager / @tmholdings.

@madstacks - Most day to day curation goes through him. Without @madstacks votes and resteems for #upfundme would be quite delayed. Think of him as an #upfundme demigod.

@awilix - Adviser for #upfundme and @prizeportal.

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