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RE: New Upvoteme crowdfund rules and regulations

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To gain support from anyone at Taskmanager Holdings, including but not limited to @taskmanager, all these rules MUST be followed while using #upfundme. Failure to do so could result in downvotes in access of -$10.


Hey, can i ask @taskmanger a question about the task manager token in bitshares? Is it 1% upvote for every 50 taskmanger tokens that I hold? Up to how many posts will get upvoted everyday? What account do they get upvoted from? And finally, I know that I have to send the a small amount of any asset to prove that I hold taskmanger tokens, but how do I tell you guys when I have acquired more tokens?

The vote % can fluctuate depending on many factors, currently it is 1% for 50 TASKMANAGER, and a scaling change if you have more. The math isn't exact to allow me to adjust for what's fair in each specific situation. There is a "soft" cap of 33% vote power currently no matter how much TASKMANAGER you own. I call this a soft cap because friends and family are excluded, and this may change depending on what's fair.

In keeping with what's fair the vote % may soon adjust to 2% for 50.

I would start to show concern of a vote power drain if someone was to post more than 4 times per day, someone posting a bunch of garbage may be removed from the program.

They get voted from this account @taskmanager, however if streemian is working properly more accounts follow the vote and you end up getting 5-7 upvotes along with mine.

If your TASKMANAGER balance has changed notify by comment on a recent steemit post by @taskmanager or @tmholdings. Failure to notify of a reduction in TASKMANAGER could see a person suspended from the program for good.

The whole thing is in flux because I am trying to keep it fair for all as things change within steemit and bitshares.

Allright, thanks for the info. Ill buy some later today and comment here as well as send you some tokens on bitshares to notify you.

If you look through different pairs you may be able to find some cheaper than it's for sale under BTS or OPEN.STEEM. The alternative is to post increasing buy bids until the bots fill in the order from the cheapest available source of TASKMANAGER.

I bought some. You should rechexk. My name on bitshares is rishi123

oh if you ever notice I have unvoted one of your posts, don't worry, it's just so I can vote with a higher vote %.

You have been confirmed and added to the votebot

Thank you. One final question. How long is the delay between posting and receiving upvotes? I'll always be buying more taskmanger token as long as the price is reasonable.

The vote delay is at 30 minutes

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