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RE: UpFundMe Premium Services Update (Crowdfunding services for steemit and

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All good questions, first off for now it is only set up to vote for posts under #upfundme and #upfundition, allowing support for crowdfunds too.

The TM50 trail that gives votes to TASKMANAGER tokenholders has been following @upfundme for quite some time now, it will do the same in this case but at a different weight. Everything should continue to function as is. This is used out of my share from the TASKMANAGER token delegated to whatever task is required.

I hadn't thought of what might happen if someone has both TASKMANAGER tokens and UpFundMe Premium. If any conflicts arise I will do my best to make it so everyone gets off better on each end. I think I might offer a resteem from @taskmanager for crowdfunders who have both Premium and X amount of TASKMANAGER tokens. (I'm even thinking of making it so token holders get a daily share from the @t50 bot too once they hit a certain ownership % of the TASKMANAGER token. Probably 250+ TMs so you would qualify already)

For Upfundme Premium, votes first at a 66%, @tmholdings follows that vote with 100% scale (so also 66% vote weight). @tm50 is also following with a 80% scale (so a 52.8% vote weight), the rest follows @tm50 at different scales and weights so that's a bunch of math...


Thanks for the reply.
I think the best way to deal with that it might be timing. Set up whatever has higher to vote a little bit quicker than the other one so the higher amount prevails. I'll be sending my delegation shortly.
I'd like that daily share, giving even more reason to buy tokens for people who haven't already.

The problem is the communitybot code doesn't allow for timing, it votes for the next available post in line once VP hits 100%. So it could vote for the post a minute after it's posted, or it may be a few hours after depending on how long the queue is.

I think I'll just come up with a good enough bonus for having both that the random chance of a difference between the two will matter a lot less if at all.

That works too. I don't think that theres too many of us running a upfund and have the tokens.

@taskmanager I would like to become a premium before starting the promotion campaign. How can I do that? I understand I have to give an answer before accessing the premium.

You have been added to the list to be able to join UpFundMe Premium. To join you can either send 1 STEEM / Month to OR you can delegate ~30 SP to (The 1 STEEM/Month goes to long term delegations increasing rewards for everyone using UpFundMe Premium)

This will give you access to premium support for crowdfunds and crowdfund updates on #upfundme and

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