UpFundMe: First Aid Kit Supplies #2

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Hello, Steem fam! So I'm terrible at math (really, really terrible at math), but this is my estimate of what I earned from my First Aid Kit Supplies #1 (link to post on UFM portal) post (and keeping in mind it's not due to payout until later today, but eh, close enough, it's within the 12 hour window):

UFM tokens = ~$1.45
Steem donation = ~$0.39 (thank you, @marblely!)
Post payout = ~$2.45

And that isn't counting any earnings from comments within the post. So, I'm calling this goal complete!

My first first aid supply was for Steri Strips, which this morning cost $4.74 (which is 20 cents cheaper than they were a week ago). So I went ahead and ordered them!

steri strips order 14 aug.png
BTW, if you're seeing that "Amazon Smile" and weren't familiar with that, if you go to: smile dot amazon dot com, a portion of any Amazon orders you make will go to a charity of your choice (you choose a charity to always be the recipient, and unless you change it, that's the one who always gets a donation). Mine is set to Best Friends animal society. I don't do a lot of shopping, well, anywhere, but I can throw a few pennies in the pot when I do. ^_^

So THANK YOU for helping me to fund my first aid kit!

Item #2:

Betadine prep pads!

Since I'm trying to do small things while the price of Steem is low, and a lot of the things on my list are free shipping if you have Prime (I don't) or buy $25 or more (which is usually what I wait to be able to do), I'm aiming for the free shipping all by itself options first, lol - which is why I could order the Steri Strips by themselves. Maybe Steem price will recover by the time I run out of these items, and then I can aim for combined orders of $25 for those Prime shipping items.

So the price of the Betadine prep pads is $6.53 here.

That's just over 34 Steem (at current value of 19 cents), so my new goal is 34 Steem!

All the liquid payout from this post will go toward my goal of buying the Betadine prep pads for my first aid kit. Thank you for any upvotes to help me get there! :)

The whole first aid kit wishlist is here.

BTW, it's my birthday today

and my wish is for as many people as possible to plant a free tree with One Tree Planted: http://onetreeplanted.refr.cc/wrenpaasch
The way that works is with my referral link you get a code. Copy that to your clipboard, go in to the site and choose a project where you'd like to plant a tree, add a tree to your cart (or more, if you'd like! They're $1 each on this site and yes, you can buy one at a time), and then paste the discount code into the box at checkout. It will subtract a dollar, so bam, free tree planting! :) I would be honored if you celebrated with me in this way. I'm a Druid, I want tree presents. ;)

Thank you, have a great day and Steem on!

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happy birthday!
I gave you some upvotes as a little birthday present ;-)

Thanks very much! :)

Happy Birthday - look in your wallet!
Screenshot (73).png

Aw, thank you! You didn't have to do that but I so appreciate the donation to my first aid kit. And I love you for planting a tree! <3 Hooray trees, thank you so much! ^_^

Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have an amazing and beautiful day!

And congratulations on completing a goal.

I just found this tribe yesterday, and am excited about its potential to serve as a bit of a fundraising and income stream tool for our small non-profit organization; these days every penny helps!

Bright Blessings!

PS: One tree planted for you!

HOORAY! Thank you for planting a tree! ^_^

Happy Belated! Sure looks like you're planting a lot of trees xoxo loving seeing people's comments ~~ Much YAYNESS! The upfundme will be a complete success too <3<3<3 Hugs & Love Phe <3<3<3

I got twelve emails saying someone had planted one, and one of them I know was a friend who planted 12! 23 trees, plus I planted another myself, so 24 that I know of got planted for my birthday! Hurrah! <3 That makes me so happy, it really does.

Such a great accomplishment!!

Hey! Thank you so much for contributing to my upfundme! <3 Love and appreciate you!

You are so very welcome fren!!

I read it all but the only thing that stuck in my head was your birthday

Happy Birthday @phoenixwren
Wishing you a tonne of love and joy and abundance and ......... and ..........
Please fill in the blanks ..... <33

Ha ha ha, thank you! :)

Glad you were able to grab it on your first go around.

You should start tagging these with #crowdfund, that way it will be picked up by the bot that automatically gives basic support for certain tags on upfund.me and shows up on our recommended tags.

You can also post your regular content on upfund.me or tag it with #upfundme to help towards your goals. We do allow general content, we just focus our vote power mostly on crowdfunds, contests, giveaways and projects.

Ah, ok! Good to know. I will do that in future. Thanks! :)

I gave you a nice 50% up-vote and BTW I sponsored you a couple days ago for +1 SBI share as well :)

Great post, I really like this idea!

Aww, thanks very much! <3

UFM is nifty awesome!

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Thank you!! :)