UpFundMe: First Aid Kit Supplies #1

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So @upfundme is back and has made a token and is making a site and stuff. Cool, no? We have a lot of great projects here on Steem, and I really hope more people will be able to use UFM to get their ideas funded.

If you read my blog, you might know that I've been working on a goal of getting trained in various first aid classes, and getting a good first aid kit. I've taken Mental Health First Aid, and Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED so far. Currently I am trying to get my kit all purchased and set up; then later I will try for a wilderness first aid class (which are available through REI locally, I looked). I'm an anarchist, so I want to be able to help my community, and this is a way I can do that. Ergo I call my wish list for it on Amazon "mutual financial aid for mutual medical aid," because first aid I can do, but I am poor. LOL

So since UFM is back and encouraging people to use the tag again, I thought I would try doing a UFM for individual pieces of my first aid supplies. Since Steem is so low price-wise right now, I figured I would aim for the cheapest thing on my list, which is Steri Strips:

As a bonus, I can buy them with free shipping, so I don't need to wait until I can afford a $25 Amazon order before I can buy it.

In the past, I did an UpFundMe to buy a solar lantern in an effort to make myself a little less dependent on dirty energy and the subsequent electric bill, and succeeded in getting that! :D But I started it when Steem price was way higher, and even though I got lots of votes and even donations toward my cause, reaching my goal never got any closer because I would gain as much as the price of Steem lost. Originally I was aiming for a lantern AND a solar panel so I could charge devices on it, but in the end I made the executive decision to just buy the lantern with what I had raised and not do the panel at this time, so at least SOMETHING came of it!

The lantern works great, BTW - this is my bedroom lit up with it hanging from the ceiling on a hook. It's not in the photo itself because I was just trying to show how bright it was without giving the camera massive glare.

So I'm hoping aiming for the smallest things now while the price is low will make this an attainable goal. ;)

Why don't you just buy a pre-made first aid kit, Phoenix?

Because a) they are actually really expensive for as much actual supplies as you get in them, and b) I am allergic to latex - and a lot of people are - so I wanted to make sure everything in my kit is latex-free. Johnson&Johnson/Band-Aid brand first aid supplies, with the lone exception of plain gauze, all have latex, for example - so I couldn't get one of those. So I painstakingly found all latex-free versions of things online. And since they all come in giant packages, I will be supplied for a long time!

Let's Talk Numbers

The current price of Steem as I write this is 20 cents (ouch!). The price of the Steri Strips is $4.94. So my goal is 25 Steem.

The way UFM works is that I take the liquid payouts of this post and all subsequent posts about this project and I put them toward my goal, and I update it every time with the progress so far.

So that's it! Thanks so much for your upvotes and helping me to build my first aid kit. :) Steem on! <3

The List (if you're wondering):

Mutual Financial Aid for Mutual Medical Aid


I've put you on autovote for the Life Relearnt Project. It's not much, but this is the sort of thing I'm trying to support as you're working for your community. We're all going to need to help each other as much as possible, the way things are going and local community has to take priority.

Lots of love - minismallholding

Aw, thank you so much! Yeah, that's my feel, too. Everything is so uncertain in the world. Maybe things will turn out just fine and we'll pull back from the brink and transform into happy utopia land ...but also maybe things are going to have to get worse before they can get better. And things are hard enough as it is. Community is needed for sure.
I appreciate your support! <3

Here's my puny 100% upvote which seems to dwindle faster than my SP builds!
Thats great thinking on the solar lantern. Do you have to put it outside each day to charge?

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Nope, I charge it on the bedroom windowsill! :) Granted, it takes more than one day to fully charge on it's own with it's little panel. So I really only have it in play every few days, or I could use it more often if I'm only using it for a few hours instead of several or keep it at the dimmer setting (there are two settings).
Thanks for your upvote! <3

Nice! Not need to even go out in the cold. Hmm, efficiency could be better, but these things also help us to learn better efficiency ourselves in order to work within their limits.

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And once I do finally have a larger panel, I can plug all my different things into it - phone, laptop, lamp, Kindle. Currently I have the lamp and my little battery pack plugged in together on the windowsill during the day to charge in tandem, but the battery pack is even slower than the lamp, so it's likely the lamp is helping the battery if the battery is not full, and the battery is helping the lamp if the lamp is not full. XD Either way - it works.

Although STEEM prices are low, you can simultaneously accumulate other tokens too like UFM and that will help to reach your goal soon. Please also use tags like neoxian, marlians, mediaofficials, lassecash, liv etc. to add up some more tokens to the booty.

BTW, I wasn't aware of the fact that many people are allergic to latex. Thanks for educating me. So you mean the contact with latex irritates your skin?

I have to learn what tags I can use in a general fashion, because I don't want to abuse them by posting about unrelated things. Some of them I know are general like palnet, but others I know are specific like leo. So I want to be sure about each before I use them. :)
Yeah, with the latex allergy, you can have different reactions: topically, as in, contact with your skin, I get a hella red rash. So like if I use a Band-Aid brand bandage, you will see the exact shape of the band-aid in red raised nastiness when I take it off, or if I use a lotion with shea butter or mango butter, it will leave me red all over where the lotion is. But also, there are foods with similar proteins to latex that can set you off, and in my case, they are my most dangerous, swell-my-mouth-and-throat allergens: banana, avocado, kiwi, and mango. I read in a book about food allergies from Johns Hopkins that usually if you have a latex allergy, you can eat some latex foods and not others, and for a while, that was true - I could still eat mango waaaay after I had lost the ability to eat the others - but then I started reacting to mango too, so I stopped eating it (sob). With allergies, the more you expose yourself to an allergen, the worse it can get, so I think that's what I did by still eating mango all the time, because dried mango was my favorite.

Oh gosh, that's really difficult to manage. I think there are many fruits with latex like content. Perhaps papaya and sapota too fall in this category. It largely limits the available choice for you. I guess you can enjoy some artificial flavours for mango when you crave for it.

I've never actually had sapota! And come to think of it, I haven't eaten papaya in a long time ...you might be right, I'll have to look it up to check before I eat some again.

Hello! I'm hanging in there, how're you?

I think it is great that you making sure that the products are latex-free. I support your project because my aunt has an allergy to latex,

Thank you for your support! :)

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