First Aid Kit Upfundme Week 27

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Greetings, friends! It's week 27 of my first aid kit crowdfunding, so let's do some math, shall we?

FA patch.jpg

There are two posts to total up this week, week 26 paid out a few days ago and week 26 1/2 is due to in four hours, so I'm gonna call it so we can get this show on the road.

Week 26

44¢ in Steem
0.886 PAL @ 0.00144¢/PAL = null
59.323 UFM @ 0.00120¢/UFM = 7¢
51¢ for that post

Week 26 1/2

35¢ in Steem
1.0885 PAL @ 0.00144¢/PAL = null
35.731 UFM @ 0.00120¢/UFM = 4¢
39¢ for that post

total 90¢ for the whole week

plus previous total of $7.83, = $8.73 raised toward $42.07 goal
which means
$33.34 left to go!

tourniquet arrived.jpg
The tourniquet arrived in the mail!

So I am down to the last two items on my first aid kit wishlist. Alum milk (which is used mixed with water to flush people's eyes if they are tear gassed) and a water filter (which is more of a wilderness first aid situation - I do live in Colorado after all):

FA kit wish list final two items.jpg

Any and all upvotes and donations to help me finish my kit so I am prepared to help others are appreciated!

Are y'all seeing this run on ...EVERYTHING happening in stores around the world? Please be considerate, y'all. Remember those that can't afford/need help to shop and so clearing the shelves leaves them with none:

gross panic shopping.jpg

Also remember that if you're the only one with clean hands, you're not doing yourself any favors:

gross panic shopping great thundering walloper.jpg

And finally, DO wash your hands. I just had the plumbers in my apartment today and one of them used my toilet, and guess what? He didn't wash his hands.

fear is the mind killer wash your hands.jpg

Work together, help each other - that's how we survive. And wash your hands.


Your Friendly First Aider ;)


Thanks so much!

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