Upfundme - Xbox One X (100% Completed!)

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An upvote crowdfund uses the power of steemit to raise funds for whatever your goal or project is. Anyone with a steemit account can support your goal with their upvote. Earned STEEM and SBD goes towards the funding goal.


Fund Goal: $700 (Canadian Dollars)
Funds Raised: 105 STEEM (733 CAD) 100%

I would like to replace my aging xbox one console with an xbox one x. This will allow for saving and uploading of playthroughs to dtube (not youtube) and also make my year. My current xbox is plagued with overheating issues that causes it to shut down within an hour of gameplay.

The Purchase

So first I moved the steem over to bittrex.com, and sold it for BTC. I then moved the BTC to localbitcoins and sold my BTC for CAD paid to my paypal account. Be careful on localbitcoins, pick trusted high volume traders. Lastly I ordered the Xbox one X from ebgames online.


Feel free to use the comment section below to link to your own #upfundme projects and goals. Projects using #upfundme for crowdfunding purposes will receive an upvote and resteem from @upfundme, and possibly an upvote from @taskmanager.


You have received an upvote and resteem to help with your upfundme crowdfunding project. Thank you for using #upfundme.

You can find the value of your saved SBD by going to https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/steem-dollars. 1 SBD is currently worth more than $1 USD

Thats great, Seeing a upfundme being completed. Hope mines reaches its goal too. Looking forward to watching your videos. Good luck man.

Well done on reaching your goal!:)

Thanks, I think next I will try for some land from local tax sales coming up.

Cool! I follow you. +vote

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