UpFundme #2 for new phone

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My phones display has been glitching showing white lights in left side and i want to start accumulating funds irl and online
Goal: 3499 MVR
Current: 36.9658 MVR
Target device: Mi note 7 pro 32 GB variant

Am also accepting altcoin donations like dogecoin litecoin ethereum
Dogecoin: DTGAhEjh7dxpXjo6ZVDw1nCGgFPNQA3atX
Litecoin: ltc1q9dnprnhspy9ak2ppanga6vg583tjvlzjn2hcwf
Ethereum: 0x08A0e3d128fe8a5F9262644EfEf5d767677FCD9D
Bitcoin Lightning: https://dropbit.me/r/@killololjik
Any and all donations are accepted


I noticed you only make these once a week, I would suggest creating more than that. I would also suggest try working in something about Splinterlands so you can use the SPT and BATTLE tags, it will likely get your topic noticed mroe and also earn your more crypto in which you can exchange for Steem or your preferred currency.


It's been really hard having no internet most of the time and have no content ideas its like i've hit a bit of a snag

You might want to check out the @splinterlands blog. They offer decent size upvotes every week as a bounty for creating topics based on their suggested theme. For example, a couple weeks back they wanted poster to showcase a battle that had the Furious Chicken in it. See their blog for details.

Will check it out

Hey @khussan, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

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