ADDAX Game Round 3 Update - Day 14 of 28

in #upfundme7 months ago

Update for Day 14.

Here are the basic figures:

Capital Fund: 447 STEEM
Current Fund: 566 STEEM
Profit: +119 STEEM
Profit %: 26.6%
TULIP Tokens: 7,010
Current ABV: 8.07 STEEM cents

Buybacks: 0.00 STEEM
Buyback %: 0.0 %
Tokens Bought: 0

The daily earnings seem to add about 1% to our profits, so let's see if we can hit the 50% mark!

The weekly income from steemCITY has given ADDAX a nice pop up in price. Indeed, today I noticed that it also pays in HIVE, so that amount has been transferred from ADDAX-Hive to ADDAX-Steem.

We are coming up to the half-way mark of this round, so just a reminder that profits will be accumulated for the first 3 weeks and then buybacks at the ABV will start in the 4th week. We shall, of course, continue earnings but it speeds up the cashing out period during the 5th week.

I do hope we shall be able to complete this ADDAX game within Steem. For now, you can read all posts on other platforms, such as UFM ( or SteemPeak ( Any deep problems, please come and join our long-standing Discord channel.

Thanks for playing the ADDAX Game!

Disclaimer. We are not responsible for your actions. We are not responsible for the functioning of third party software. If the game needs to terminate early for any technical reason (HF21 springs to mind) then liquid funds will be distributed at the earliest possible opportunity on a pro rata basis or the game paused and restarted. Do not play with funds you cannot afford to lose.

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