Creative Street's Second Free Art Workshop for the Children of Tagaytay

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Join us on the second art workshop ( an outreach program) to be held at Church of Christ at Tagaytay, Daang Luma, Kaybagal Central, Tagaytay City this coming June 30, 2018 Saturday from 1PM to 5PM

As the initiator of this activity, I, Genesis Aala, humbly ask for your support to raise a fund for this art workshop.

The funds that we will gather in this post will be used to buy art materials for at least 50 kids which are as follow:

  • Watercolor Set
  • Paint Brushes
  • Drawing Books/Pad
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Crayons

One of each set is roughly estimated to be $3 each or around 2 SBD per children. In order to make this possible, help us to achieve at least $150 or 75SBD. This includes all the materials and their snacks.

Any kind of support would be highly appreciated and is a great help for the recipients of this activity


Creative Street's Mission and Vision


Doodling with crayons, pencils and other art materials is one of the most enjoyable parts of every childhood. Most artists started out because they were inspired when they held and tried out a chosen art material/medium when they were still young.

Unfortunately, there are children who cannot afford to have a decent pencil or a box of crayons due to poverty.

In line with this, I have initiated to conduct simple art workshops for the less fortunate children. And with the help of my other volunteer artist friends, we aim to provide these free art lessons to the street children of Manila, hopefully catering and assisting more or less 50 kids on every leg of Creative Street.

As artists, we just want to be able to share our talents and skills, and hopefully create a positive impact in the lives of these children. Because we believe that everyone has a talent in art that is just waiting to be tapped and we want to help them unleash their creativity through this initiative.


Creative Street: Manila

The children here are the first students of the Creative Street volunteers

The short clip above is the summary of our first Creative Street Outreach activity at the Japanese Garden, Rizal Park held last May 19, with the help of different artists from Manila, Cavite and Laguna.

More of Creative Street: Manila on this blog: CREATIVE STREET: MANILA was a success !!!


Here's also the video clip on an interview buy David of David's Share the Happiness Advocacy (The one who helped us feed the children) with Genesis:

Find more about Creative Street at our Facebook Page: @creativestreetph
and Instagram account @creativestreetph


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