CREATIVE STREET: MANILA was a success !!!

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An outreach program co-sponsored with @steemph and @artguildph



is such a fun and joyful experience !!! Sharing the blessings among these children is so heart-warming. Seeing the potential from each children gives us greater inspiration to pursue this kind of activity. The smile and laughter from the group keep our hearts on fire !!!



Thank you so much for all the support!!! Volunteers, from virtual to physical . Thank you so much !!! Artist Friends, GP Manila, High School Classmates, Friends, Former Workmates, Friends of friends ( 😁 ) , Lunas Ph, churchmates, HATE and all, salamat nang napakadami


To all the sponsors and partners and the people here on steemit who helped us, Miss Imma Rojas @immarojas, @deveerei, @hanaeun @grazz @luvabi, @surpassinggoogle and many more, Ma'am Irin Malajito, David's Share the Happiness Advocacy, KissEd, Steem PH, Art Guild PH, NPDC, super thank you po !!!! And to You !!! The One who guided the whole program :) maraming salamat.

May this blessing and art workshop add impact to the children's creativity and artistry.

Photos grabbed from Mark Anthony Rosales, Chris Yutuc, John Harold.








This is just the start of Creative Street outreach art workshop events. And we plan to do this once a month and reach more and more children especially those in needs but has a great potential.

Creative Street Manila wouldn't be possible without you !

Thank you

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Great to hear it was a success and we would love to feature your project and maybe get more people interested in it.

Here is our discord

Thank you so much :) I read the latest blog on promo-steem which featured this article :) it's such a nice thing to know more about how the real socialization on this media has taken place :)

Lol you are so hard to get a hold of hahahha

:< but thank you pa rin po hihi