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RE: When Steemit calls your home... (yes that did just happen!)

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Hey there,

I've been quietly watching your efforts on this with great interest.

My concern is with the Kickstarter campaign... Only 23 supporters, and only 10 days left???

Do you have any thoughts about promoting that campaign?

I've cross-posted on FB, but nobody pays attention to me...

I'm just learning about fundition because you're using that... Need to learn more. But how can we kick Kickstarter into high gear?




I have a marketing team that has been getting the word out... But I think a lot of the hesitation is that our game is connected to crypto
.. so...

Yeah, but...

Only 23 on Kickstarter?
416 on Fundition is a lot more, but $144 in support of a $10K target is literally gross... :(

I wish I had some marketing skills... :O

Crypto should be a draw, not a deterrent...

Can we brainstorm this?

A lot of people for fundition give upvotes, and they don't have large upvotes..

Most don't donate Steem, they upvote.

However, Fundition supports all of my update posts with large upvotes!
So I will be able to transfer all of the liquid Steem to spunkee Monkee and delegate all of SP- before the Beta!

I chose to do my fundition campaign through Dreem because that acciunt has a much farther reach (for now)

For brainstorming... We did some in a show today and got some ideas (apparently Reddit is a key player)

If this Kickstarter fails...we will do it again with a better plan! (Most likely after the Beta)

Sounds promising! Thanks for the details.

I'm sure you know I'm pulling for you, and praying for the best outcome. :) <3

Thank you!!! Of course I know!! And I'm counting on it 🤗

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