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Important Notice!

About a week ago. my mom had an abnormally large bonus so she gave us a small tip that enabled me to purchase an SSD, a huge step-up from what I had in mind in the first place.

Now to the real story

To be honest, I never liked posting UpFundMes, as I evidently relied on it to produce content atleast have something to post. I had ideas that I would love to share here although I never actually acted for it to bear fruit. I wish I had more time and courage to do so.

We all have our own burdens to carry and I'd like to not name my activity on steemit as one. It's all because I prioritize my studies far greater than this, and it's a pain in the ass when your school is labeled as a regional science high school. And it's the season for CETs and CATs, which will probably engulf most of my time.

I'll still continue posting for @steemph.manila, you'll see my featured posts every wednesday and I hope more steemians from mega manila will show their creativity through posts, not just on wednesdays but in every day of the week (DON'T FORGET TO USE THE #steemph TAG!!! THE WEB APP I USE CAN'T SEE YOUR POSTS MAKING IT UNFEATURABLE!!!). Because it's a real pleasure to read some good stories from fellow filipinos (Especially those short stories by kuya/ate @davinsh!).

That's all!! Thank You for stopping by!

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Oh, thank you for reading my story. And thank you that you loved it. It was my first time actually and I didn't expect such positive feedback to it. I will try to do more. :)

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