UP-GAGE Challenge | Join and Get Rewarded (UPDATE::: Round 1 closed ) See you on the NEXT ROUND!

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Hello my fellow Steemians from all over the world! How are you all doing? Hope you are all having a great time.

Today is gonna be an awesome day , because this post of mine is about telling and sharing you all how grateful i am with this blessing i got from a good samaritan. I have been on this platform for almost a year and i can say that my steemit journey had been awesome , awesome both in good and bad times. I am not sure what good thing i did to deserve a wonderful gift , but maybe God let this happen , so i can be an instrument of helping and engagement.


So what is this about

This is going to be my very first contest post , well not much of a contest but more of a giveback challenge. After receiving a blessing on steemit , I thought of having this kind of thing to be able to help others too. I will call it UPGAGE challenge - my upvote to help and commenting to promote engagement.

Who can join?

I prefer those steemian with 55 and below reputation to join this challenge so they'll be given a chance to have rewards and for them to be encourage to keep going , and for them to know that they matter and they have a value in this community.

How to join and important thing about the challenge

✓I will only be accomodating the first 5 commenters , since i would need to be mindful of my voting power too. And it's gonna be like 10 links i will be helping for this challenge (aside from those friends i need to upvote too 😊)

✓Look for a fresh or newly posted blog , like 5 minutes old or below.

✓post a related or meaningful comment on that post you got and include #up-gage on your comment

✓Then get the post link and paste it on the comment section of this post

What can you get on joining this?

✓Since i dont have much Steem or SBD to giveaway , i will be giving my upvote as my help to both of you. I will give my 30% upvote for your recommended link and i will give my 60% vote to your latest post

✓I will resteem the post of the very first commenter to join the challenge

Special Notes

✓I will run this challenge once or maybe twice or 3x a week for now, I will have to observe and see how the response from the community will be

✓I know my vote value is less than 0.50 , but my main goal on coming up with this amazing challenge is to giveback the blessing and a little help from me , also to promote connection between steemians.

✓As voting power decreases, so as the vote value , but don't worry , it will still add value to your post and beauty on your personality

✓A resteem would be a great help but not required

✓If there will be someone willing to be a sponsor , you will be very much welcome and appreciated😁

Let's go! and start the fun

much love,


pasok na pasok pa sa banga sis , slamat sa pagsali 😍

#up-gage entry#4

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Hehehe natakot ako sa banga sis! :) tanx

yey! you just finished my challenge round no.1 sis , hehe , thanks much

#up-gage entry#5

shelemet sa pag join sis , means a lot .

#up-gage entry#2

Good job @zephalexia and congrats for initiating an engagement this could be fun, goodluck!

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thanks so mich for the support sir @otom , you k now i appreciate you much 💞

No need to thank me that much, you know me i always wander haha i always support morally those who deserves to be. Upvoted and resteemed!

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i still wanna thank you beri beru mats 😂😘💞

That is a nice move to initiate something like this sis as payback for the blessing that you have received. That is called PASS IT ON. Good luck to your challenge. Am not eligible to this challenge anymore... God bless you more

yes sis , thanks a bunch , this means a lot . Hod bless you too ❤️

You’re heart is so pure that’s why you are so blessed and by doing this you’ll be bless more and more sister... so proud of you..😘😘😘


Lovely initiative to give back the love to the community sis @zephalexia ❤️

Bles syou more!

thank you sis much much , Bless you more too 😘

What a great idea!

I know the joys of receiving a delegation - mine has been "only" 450 SP but if you have ~100 SP yourself that's a lot ;) I started to think more about my votes, the less rewarded a post is the better are the chances of my full vote etc.

thanks for droppin by , kindly spread the word and invite your friends to join 😊

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