The Old Dog Announces: Untamed Nature Winners With Bonus Prizes!

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As usual we had a lot of fun with this Untamed Nature Contest and as usual I had a very tough time picking some winners. What was the solution? More winners and more rewards! 15 Steem instead of 10. That's part of what I believe: "Let's Succeed Together!" Still many more of you deserved to be included but I hope that you had fun anyway!

The Idea Was to Show Vegetation Growing in an Unusual Place!

Here are some of the top photographs some of which were accompanied by articles about the photo and can be found under the #untamednature tag!

Clockwise from top left: @jayclar30, @itchyfeetdonica, @vee2180, @damnthatbanana

Clockwise from top left: @customnature, @alexandraioana26, @melinda010100

I Have Given Special Attention to 8 Steemers Under Quirky Categories!

Most Swallowed Home

@cryptocatz did a great job of getting a photo of this before it disappears completely!

Best Investigative Reporting!

@hurlamideh went undercover to explore this old soccer stadium. Check his article here!

Most Tenacious Plant

@pyro0816 captured this emerging beauty growing out of nowhere and doing quite nicely!

Vines Like Nice Cars Too!

@kalemandra told the tale of this BMW loving vine and of the neighbor  that was gone too long!

Eaten From The Inside Out!

@axeman found this tree starting to grow inside the house!

How Dare You Flush Our Seeds Down The Drain!

@phortun found this little guy growing out of his sink! Plants are amazing! The beginnings of a kitchen garden?

There's a Mystery Here Somewhere!

@tillygerbi found this shoe in the woods and wondered what happened. Cool shot too!

Most Tranquil Vegetation Takeover!

@ladybird photographed this peaceful looking abandoned dwelling! Just lovely!

All of The Steemers Featured Above Will Get 1 Steem!

Payments will go out in the next 24 hours so watch your wallets and let's all continue to be amazed by the possibility of sending  funds with zero cost!  

The Graphene blockchains are the world's best! Fast, furious and we can scale! Feel the pride, feel the joy and experience the power of our Steem blockchain!  

I hope that you enjoyed this article which features the Untamed Nature winners!

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

Let's Succeed Together!

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Wow incredible pics even this time. It seems plants will rule the world one day or another xD

Yes, they are amazing!

I'd love to join the contest but I just snapped my entry today! Haha. I hope there will be another batch for untamed nature. Electric Post


Your photos bear the spirit of antiquity. Thank you.

Oh I missed that contest :( Maybe you enjoy this one too - found in Sweden


I like it. In Italian when we feel out of place we say we feel: "Come una barca nel bosco!"

Like a boat in the forest!

Come una barca nel bosco

non l'ho mai sentito dire: in che regione si usa, @kus-knee?

"Let's Succeed Together!"
I really like these lines, steemit is meant to work in this way,
"together we grow"
We can't get succeed here alone,
and I really like your initiative of these contests, it is really helping minnows to grow as well as get some reward.
Thanks for being such a kind person @kus-knee

It's very important that we all find a nice home here!

Undoubtedly it was a great job of selection, the images presented were many and very beautiful, congratulations for the great success that your calls are having dear friend @ kus-knee.
I wish you a wonderful weekend

Thanks so much and enjoy your weekend as well!

Some outstanding choices Old Dog!

Congrats to the winners!

Thanks a lot Mr. Night Hawk!

Very nice pictures, I liked them all! Congratulations to the winners!

It was a joy to take part again,
thank you for the mention as
"Most swallowed home"
Looking forward to your next project 🤗

Glad that you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much , that my picture made it to the winners, Like always you have great contests!
There are very pretty submissions!

I'm glad that you joined in the fun!

Very innovative, please @kus-knee when is the next contest, I hope to take out time to do my best as I intend to win.upvoted.

Thanks for stopping by. You cans till enter the #mundaneart challenge for a few more days. That's a lot of fun!

@kus-nee Oh wow, i'm really happy right now. It is the first contest i really won something... in my whole life... not just on steemit. I could cry right now. Thank you!!

Nice contest and best entery in this contest Great photographer awesome nature just waiting for next contest

Fantastic photo
this is really cool.........../////////

This is a extremely good contest.Great initiative taken by using @kus-knee ,because of you we can see such splendid work.Congratulations to for your achievement.Thank's to all different participant for their exceptional work.This is a sort of initiative which will make the proficient people greater active.Thank's for sharing such satisfactory publish

That's a great beauty photography ...Resteemit. My friend ...

Well come mdraba (42). continue hard-working and one day we also big steemer

Supurb and Excellent
You have share excellent contest and high-quality photography in this contest tremendous photographer brilliant explain nature simply looking ahead.

All the Photos are really nice...
But this photo make difference from other (My personal opinion). Just wonderfull

I always find abandoned roofless house is so full of mystery, triggering people's curious to want to know what had happened ? - who once lived here and what is the story 👍👍👍

when you leave is a house or a vehicle, the power of nature does its job, so, it will be the earth if all humans do not go to another planet.

Wow! Amazing pics! Congratulations to the winners!

I have to go through all of them again before picking my favorites! :)

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

this photogharp is really nice..many information this post..upvote & resteem.thanks for sharing @kus-knee

great contest! not photo

10 steem ? aahaan it is really a good reward,
@kus-knee you really have an eagle eye, all the selected pics are really awesome..

Thanks so much for including my mystery / slightly freaky shoe in the quirky categories. Well done everyone - some really cool entries!

Congratulations for the winner, all are very good photography.

thanks alot for including my post ..its a great privilege for me sir..
and congratulations to other winners as well

Lets go to the goal

What a fantastic collection of photos!! Thank you so much for including mine and thanks for the prize! You do have the best contests!!

Thank you @kus-knee for picking my shot! Congrats to all winners, the images are awesome! Nature just cant be beaten :)

Congratulations to the winners!

Awesome photography, nature is so beautiful

These photos are fantastic! You just need to look around, see all these magic things and save them in the photo! Excellent work @kus-knee, thank you for supporting this work!

Nature does not recognize jokes; she is always truthful, always serious, always strict; she is always right; mistakes and errors come from people.I liked your post, you are well done. Good luck to you and have a nice day :)

Congratularions to the winners. These unusual place are awesome. Nice idea @kus-knee.

Thank you so much for the feature!!! :D
Much appreciated, I look forward to the contest.
So many awesome photos, congratulations to all the other winners!

So many stories to tell in each of these photos... That house from @jayclar30 looks like it could have featured in a creepy thriller. Along with the child's shoe from @tillygerbi's photo.
Another great collection :)

I like it its so nice

Wow, I loved those photos!!!
I use to be sad about how humans are destroying nature but I find hope knowing that even in the worst case where e kill almost all life on earth, after a few million years without humans hearth would be covered by life again... a few million years is just an instant in the cosmos scale... :)

do we not get a show of? :-)

You mean the virtual gallery? I only do that for the Mundane as Art contest! We'll keep that one special!

ok sorry my mistake! I was looking forward to see that :-)

The pictures look great especally how the plants grow in an unusual places...shows the power of nature. Thanks for organising all these great events, upped, always. Today, I posted about steemit issue with regard to reward pool rape and whale war, feel free to see it. Happy weekend.

Thank you @kus-knee for featuring my shot! Congrats to all winners. Love the 8 Quirky Categories! :)

Your post is pretty beautiful. I love the same post you can I follow you. I really want to like you a lot to follow and vote post.

this contests catches my attention @kus-knee , I would love to participate next time :) I greatly appreciate your effort on support steemians here :))

Wao impresionante fotografia amigo. Excelente post.

Congratssss to all the winners😊😊

very nice selection of photos as always. Congrats to all the winners

Great contest @kus-knee... and nice selections!

beautiful natural panorama and can cool the soul. Good post, @kus-knee

Amazing growth in so many interesting places. Wonderful photos. All winners!

Thanks for the prize!

very good images, they are very rare but striking.

images (19).jpg

WOW amazing photos but some photos are horror

Waiting for your next Contest.

there is all ready? woodwork ! I am breakking my head about it :-)

ahaan great, surely going to participate in it.

Wonderful !!! They were so many nice pictures ;-D

excellent place..

I think you wrote a wrong user, it's about: @alexandraioana26 correct name and not @alexandraioana

Thanks I fixed it. The 1 steem was sent to the correct account.

You didn't mention: Did you like the article and the photos?

I like post and contest you make, here I like the picture made by the user @tillygerbi !
I watch you and when you bring a challenge I can come and come with my picture!
Thanks for your promptness

sono davvero incredibili queste foto. Complimenti a tutti!!!!

This post is so longer

Thanks so much for that!! Some great entries and a cool competition!!

wow plant always find a way to grow interesting :)