Amazing Fruits

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Jackfruit or langka in tagalog is one of Filipino favorite especially when it's ripen. The fruits are eaten alone or you can mix them on other recipes like ginataang bilo-bilo, halo-halo ( summer food), and toppings too like my favorite sumang malagkit.

It can preserve too, jackfruit jam is really a good spread for your favorite bread, mine is pandesal. The juice is sometimes condensed and eaten as candies.

The unripe fruit is usually cooked in coconut milk and is eaten as a viand together with rice. A lot of use this aromatic fruit's, even the leaves is use for health remedies like deworming.

This wonderful amazing photo I captured by my smartphone today, an original content of mine that I want to share with you fellow steemians.


Hoping that you like it.
Thank you for passing by.



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Wow sis @sweetcha ,i remember the days when we stilll have jacfruit tree in our backyard...:( love to eat this one!!


We love Langka, the aroma is the best....nadaanan ko lang sa daan lol...thank you sissy for passing by, bawi ako pag okay na vp ko 😊

Thats my favorite fruit food, your post makes me craving to jackfruit.


haha uso na yan sissy, pang halo-halo, kain na😊

It sounds delicious and versatile! I've never tried jackfruit.


Indeed my dear, when you taste it you loved it...have a great day my dear😊

They look great and unusual. They also look large and prickly. you wouldent want to be sitting under the tree and the fruit fall onto your head.
nice photos


haha I bet you wouldn't want to dangerous to your handsome face lol...what country are you in? It is common on Asian's.😊


Australia I live on the coast with my family.


oh wow, such a lovely country, greetings to all brothers and sisters out there😊


Thank you

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Dami rin kami nyan. Sarap with gata and crabs or tinapa 😊


huwaahh mas malaki at maganda yang photo mo haha...saraap😊

Sarap niyan :) kakakain ko lang kanina ng langka:)


oo sarapp, wag lang masyado dami kainin, remember...deworming haha..thank you sa pagdalaw 😊

Nice fruit.. Very healthy.. So is use for deworming, is nice like that


yes very nice @oxygenbaba😊