#untalented by @surpassinggoogle: A snapshot... My blockchain before and after Steemit

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Well hello Steemians. I am glad to finally take part in the #untalented contests. I missed the last contest and I don't know if I can still post a "Who Am I" post or not, but this time around I'm entering the second contest. I hope there will be many more contests to enter and We will all change from being #untalented to #super-talented.

Before I came to steemit, I spent a dozen hours a day on Facebook, reading, watching, liking and sharing posts.(Okay that's a bit exaggerated, but you get my point. I was always on Facebook and I got nothing out of it except for the thrill of getting 100 likes on my picture posts. I still use Facebook on a daily basis and I find it still addictive. Steemit is great and all but there are many things that I can only get on Facebook. I knew nothing about crypto currencies, I had no clue what bitcoin is, I still don't know everything there is to know about blockchains. My husband is always correcting me when I call other tokens "Bitcoin".


Steemit has opened a lot of possibilities for me that previously existed only in my dreams. Now I can see my family's plight turning around and the future is very bright. I am more community aware and future ready.



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