Tofu Steak

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Hi my beloved Steemians!
After my Tokwang sisig post, I would like to share my new delicious and tasty dish - Tofu Steak.

Soy Sauce
Cooking Oil

How to prepare?
First, slice the tofu in thin pieces and fry.

Second, saute the garlic, pour out soy sauce, calamansi extract, and water. Simmer atleast 5 minutes.

Third, put the fried tofu, add some salt and sugar, simmer for atleast 3-5 mins to cook.

Lastly, put the circle-chopped onion and chili, mix a little bit and simmer for atleast 5 mins.

And tadaaaaa! Tofu Steak is ready 😍😍😍😍



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Very healthy! A great substitute for red meat to gain protein in our body! Keep sharing!


Correct 😍😍😍 and there is no MSG.
Thanks @fycee!!!

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Nice post..thank you for sharing!


you're welcome, @caydenshan
This one is really delicious 😍