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RE: Who Am I? [@surpassinggoogle's Untalented Contest]

in #untalented4 years ago

Haha! Yes, yes perhaps I should take on the mother of dragons title. The 3 boys certainly live up to the name!

Thanks very much! It was kinda fun searching back through my memories for the morning and writing a few of them out.

Oh, so you can do SEO? This is mucho interesting...

In some ways, isn't life just one existential crisis after another? We should probably learn to love them. Perhaps name them existential adventures instead hee hee!


I do know the basic tenets, so yeah, if you have a lot on your plate, I could work for you and you can get the percentage and just edit my work haha! I've done a couple of them before, but I'm not particularly fond of them. But yeah... beggars can't be choosers.

Yeah SEO seems to be a bit like marmite - you either love it or hate it. Alrighty, noted. There may be some SEO coming your way in the future!

Great! Thank you! :D I hope you don't feel obligated about it. I just want to help out with scraps, s'all :D

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