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Who was I before I discovered Steemit?

Renee Alexis is an introvert blogger who struggles to be recognized and who was looking to monetize her blog. She loves to write and enjoys sharing bits and pieces of her life. A lot of her time has been invested in making quality posts to share with the cyber world and while her blog was a bridge to get more opportunities, it is a lot different than steemit.

Here's how I discovered steemit

I was a follower of @kneelyrac on Twitter and I read about her gushing about steemit. I was too shy to ask about it from her that time and so I experimented and explored steemit on my own. I was confused about all the crypto-talk. It was what I mainly saw that time. So I left and didn't go back for a time. December came and I went back to know more about steemit, my curiosity was at its highest. I tried to put up a post until I mustered up the courage to approach @kneelyrac. She welcomed me warmly, invited me to her group - #steemitachievers, and taught me the basic things about steemit. She advised me to put up original content and lots of pictures, and from then I started to make posts just for steemit.

What steemit changed in me

I started seeing the world in a different perspective, in a different angle.

I became more inspired as I think about all the things I have done and will do if they will be "steemable" or not, and how other steemians can benefit from my post.

I like how my every post in steemit earns a little something from upvotes. No matter how little they get, I really get giddy whenever I see them earn. I like how welcoming, how friendly, and how supportive steemians are. I like how they engage in my posts and I get to make new acquaintances and friends along the way.

The money is what attracted me most in steemit. Because let's face it, we all need money. And as a struggling blogger, there is no other thing that feels more fulfilling than having to earn from your hard work. The minutes and hours you spend in creating that one blog post, you know it will make you happy if it earns even the tiniest bit of $0.01!

Steemit is unlike any other social media network. Every post and every picture is worth something here. And that is its greatest asset.

Steemit is amazing in so many ways.

I started going out of my comfort zone. I joined contests - in writing, poetry-making, drawing, video-making, and photography. It will sound like a cliche but steemit has made me more creative in so many ways I can't imagine myself doing in the last year. Shoutout to @anomadsoul, @juliank, @howtostartablog, @jacinta.sevilla, @kneelyrac, @deeday31, and, of course, @surpassinggoogle, for hosting such amazing contests that gives everyone the chance and opportunity to join, engage and grow.

Steemit has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that are lying ahead, waiting to be discovered, experienced and done.


So yes, even though I'm just less than a month old here on steemit, I have already been changed by this wonderful platform. Adjustments you ask? I had it and it was for the better.

Because of steemit, I became more profound, more productive, more motivated, and more inspired to create contents that are of good quality.

The writer in me has been awakened once again and steemit has become my cup of caffeine.

Cup of caffeine because it is addictive and I honestly cannot imagine what I would be doing today if I weren't steeming, or thinking up of a post to share, or reading up posts from the people I follow, or commenting on the posts I stumble upon.

Sometimes though, I cannot help but feel discouraged when a post I worked on really hard doesn't earn that much. I second-guess myself and question myself if I'm not good enough. I've seen so many posts that have earned so much and then I look at my own page with only cents in them. I then try to see the bright side of the world. Yes, sometimes you need to be patient and do more.

You are doing great, Renee. Don't be disheartened. You will soon get the hang of steemit and will have the growth you dreamed of having. But you will need hard work, perseverance, and a little but of luck. :)

Little by little, day by day, I am learning more about steemit's many quirks. And I always welcome new knowledge. I won't give up and I will just keep on steeming.

Steemit has somehow become a way of life for me. And I cannot wait to learn and grow more on this platform.

❤️ Renee Alexis ❤️

PS. Thank you @surpassinggoogle for hosting such a significant challenge. You have been an amazing inspiration to me sir. :)

PPS. My blog is still alive though, but I'm investing more of my time here on steemit because I am loving it.

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Reneee, I can't upvote right now. Vp is super low. Anyway, thank you for approaching me, it was really my intention to post it on twitter even on my IG and FB stories so that everyone can see it. Others may find it being boastful and nosy but I really want to help those who are like me, financially unstable and such, but some people turned me down because they think it's a scam and it really frustrates me. So I just keep on posting and posting until someone will approach me.

Never give up! Pat yourself and cheer up! One day, you'll wake up and be amazed how much you've earn here in steemit. All of us experience that low earning, but steemit is not a loop. It's a staircase of learning and earning. SoFighting! This platform is right for you! I've been a follower of your blogsite and I know you'll soar high here!

If you need help, you can always ask me! Abi palang ui dili ta classmates! Hehe. So excited saimung first cashout!! Yipeeee!!!

Just keep on steeming renee! :)

Ganahan ko sa "steemit is not a loop. It's a staircase of learning and earning" So yes, I will keep fighting and keep on steeming!

As in? Salamat kaayo, haha. Murag naulaw ko nga unsa ba nga nakahibalo nga nagabasa diay kas akong blog 😅

Anywaysss, pasabay nya kog magcashout ka sunod 😁 Salamat kaayo, Caryl!

Ou sige pohon 3rd week this month ana na time dako nakag macashout! Hehehe ajaah! Blog lang ng blog naa koi ipm saimu

Hi @renalexis. I feel the same anguish, the same joy, the same frustrations as you have shared here. But I do have this need to be a source of fun and joy for someone, anyone. So my philosophy is after I post if even just one person comments that he/she enjoyed it, that is more than enough compensation for me. I've been posting and sharing so many things in FB and Yahoo Mail for years and positively enjoyed doing it for free. Why should it be different with Steemit. More than the upvotes, I look at the number of views as the more important measure of how good the post was. The money will come sooner or later when you've worked hard, persevered and yes get a bit lucky. Be patient. It will come. For us. Meanwhile, be happy that people really enjoy your posts as I did reading this.

Oh yes sir, I feel really happy when I get engagements on my posts like this one. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my entry :) And yes, I do agree with all that you have said here. Thanks for the words of wisdom. I will take them all to heart!

Renee, this is really inspiring! I'm really glad that the writer in you has been awakened, and that you are more motivated to work now. Just like you, this is also a dream come true for me! We have the same aspirations as a blogger, that is to monetize our work. I'm so glad @Fukumineko introduced me to steemit, and I could only hope for the best. We are still new here, and yes there's a lot to learn. But hopefuly we will all learn more, and grow more as writers, artists, and as individuals. Keep going, you're doing an awesome job! :)

Hi Maine! Glad to have you on board, welcome to steemit and #steemitachievers! I'm really loving steemit and have just been on this website for hours all day. You will have fun here, too, I can see it! Yes, there is a lot more to learn in this platform. I'm just thankful that there are lots of people who will gladly help us newbies out. :) I can't wait for your next posts, I look forward to what you will be sharing in the future!

Likewise Renee ^_^ All the very best for us! :)

"Steemit is unlike any other social media network. Every post and every picture is worth something here. And that is its greatest asset".
I agree with you that it is far different from all other social community not just because it rewards you for your work, it also broadens your horizon by opening your eyes to other things you can actually do which you have no idea about before until you engage in it through a contest or so. Am sure you will agree with me that steemit is an encyclopedia of knowledge where everyone can tap in to learn.

@fastfingers loves you and want to see you grow here
unnamed (1).gif

You may want to join us on discord via

Hi @fastfingers! Thanks for dropping by and reading my post :) I agree with this "it broadens your horizon by opening your eyes to other things you can actually do which you have no idea about before until you engage in it through a contest or so."

Truly, steemit is so much more than what meets the eye.

I feel you I am also struggling monetizing my blogs and vlogs so I am so grateful with @kneelyrac because with her help I can have savings for my future.

Diba? ka-awesome jud sa steemit!

This was a great post. I so enjoyed it because it shows your character, your style of writing, it captivates and engages the ready and it shows that you are a blogger from another platform.

Your form is very good and you are just awesome.

I hope my tinsy-winsy 100% upvote helped a bit but I really enjoyed your piece! You have in me a follower and I will look forward to more of your works, words, poetry and stories!

I am so glad someone like you can appreciate my writing 🤗 Thank you for the words of praises! Your upvote and engagement is highly appreciated!

I love it. :) Heartfelt, personal, and straightforward story-telling! I'm glad I'm able to connect with people like you on Steemit. Wonderful composition of words, especially this line: "No matter how little they get, I really get giddy whenever I see them earn. " Too true. Too. True. Hahahaha. Keep steeming and thanks for sharing!

Yaayyy! I'm so glad to be able to engage and be friends with you too, Noelle! Thank you for reading ❤

Even if a post earns so little, it is important now to just engage and make friends and gain followers.. good things come to those who keep pushing! Also, when you convert SBD to actual money amounts it is way more than shown in these posts. Like $2 earned is actually equal to $7 (CAD) at least :) and that is with the current price of SBD (which is high, but not that high right now and should keep growing). Hopefully I am doing the math right here lol

Yes! Engagement and making new friends are what makes this platform shine! I'm able to connect to people like you! Thank so much for giving a little of your time to read my blog 😊

I really enjoy seeing your posts, keep it up!

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Tamad ako magblog dito kasi swerte swerte lang kung mapansin posts at dapat active ka sa kung anu anong groups hindi ako kasi mahilig at wala ako enough time to join/interact kaya inienjoy ko lang photocontests ni juliank at tinututukan ko wallet ko at wallet ng iba hahaha nong nagjoin ako mag invest sana ako Steem from my own pocket yun kasi best way to earn faster. :)
Mas ok po kung Power Up ng Power Up muna at least 500 Steem Power tsaka magcash out. :)

Di nga rin ako masyado nag-iinteract sa mga groups kasi I find it tiring to catch up and wala ding time. Mas gusto ko pa gumawa ng blogs. Hehe. Thanks sa pagshare mg insights mo :) nakainvest ka na ba?

Hindi na po ako nag invest. I use my SBD earnings to buy Steem na lang then Power UP ng Power Up lang :)