30 Days Steeming



Happy Monthsary to me! :-)

It’s my first month as steemian. You might ask why is the picture shows that I’ve been here for 62 days already. Yes my account was approved 62 days ago. But I started my journey here late, January 27, 2018, 10:57 PM to be exact. Which means I missed about 32 days since I became a member here. I missed the time when most cryptocurrency were on their peak, including Bitcoin and Steem of course.


Well nobody “can turn back the time”, “time only moves forward”. So let’s go!

What happened during my 30-days journey here? I must say It is tough starting from scratch, struggled a lot at first. Look at my stat few hours after my first post.


At first I was hesitant in many things, I don’t know where to start. But then I slowly got out of the box and got my rhythm at last.
While moving forward I set some goals to achieve for 30 days, first is to reach 50 Reputation and exceed 15 SP.


Congratulations to me! Haha. I achieved it. For me it’s an achievement already.

No man is an island

I can’t achieve it on my own of course.

So allow me to thank those people behind that achievement.

First, thanks to my brother the handsome & supportive @iyanpol12 who introduce me this wonderful community, and another handsome guy @dunkman he’s also my brother, to my girl @el-dee-are-es for her support(support her also :)), to my friends here @sn0white, @shula14, @saskia, @yadah04, @franbel , @jetskie, @jysui, @sisonengg, @maki07, @cutirenskei
, @shawmeow, @juwel, @jannie98, @manilyn09, @katrinelaparan27.

Also to @hr1, I don’t know him, a big thanks to him for all the upvotes :-)
To sir @good-karma for his nice app, I’m using it now, very helpful app.
To @juliank, @brumest & @howtostartablog for their contests and challenges.
To others that I can’t remember right now, Thank you

And of course to the one who has a great impact on my journey here @surpassinggoogle, Thank you so much!


That’s all for now!

@atongis ASAR

screenshots are mine

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connected with these wonderful people

To show some appreciation to the guy called @surpassinggoogle for his generosity & kindness,
Let’s support him as a witness by visiting https://steemit.com/~witnesses and vote him,
type “steemgigs” at the first search box.
And give him witness by visiting https://steemit.com/~witnesses again,
type "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.

also a big thanks to @hr1 & @iyanpol12 for continuous support


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Busty. Handsome ni kuno. Ma-bolatis ka. Haha. Itdan ta ka pa 100% upvote. Hahaha


tua master
pati saya met crn
100% met haha


Ay maong ya bilay! Haha


syempre ah
pati saya,haha

Congratulations in advance hehe

wow you really let them votes fly! lol

Happy monthsary po! Nakakainspire makita ang progress nio. Congratulations on reaching your goal! Steem on!


thank you po ate,hehe

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Happy monthsary kuya @atongis! Ayos 😃


thanks @jetskie

Happy monthsary kuya!


thank you @saskia

Congrats and happy monthsary 😊

Happy monthsary @atongis :)

Congratulations and Happy monthsarry :)


Thank you😊