PRIZE DISTRIBUTION for the Unscramble the Letters Game #16 Winners

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What's Up Everyone!

It is time to distribute the prize to all the winners of the Unscramble the Letters Game #16.

We will trade the SBD earnings of this post to STEEM and will give 90% to all who followed the tasks. There were 24 who followed the tasks.

The post earned 0.302 SBD which was traded to 0.747 STEEM.





0.747 x 0.10 = 0.0747 STEEM

0.075 STEEM will be added to Giveaway Fund

0.747 X 0.90 = 0.6723 STEEM

0.6723 STEEM will be distributed to all winners.

0.6723/24 = 0.0280 STEEM

0.028 STEEM each winners.

List of Winners

Your share was sent. Kindly check your wallet.☺️

Thanks to everyone who supported this game - for all the upvotes, resteems and dclicks on some rounds.

@atongis ASAR

Giveaway funds: 1.652 + 0.075 = 1.727 STEEM


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A big thanks to @surpassinggoogle, @good-karma & @bobbylee for all the support



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I really appreciate this game of yours @atongis it serves as an alarm clock in the mownin hahaha...
thank you for the steem sent.

Haha I will try my best to post on same time everyday then.
Thanks @otom😀👍

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Salamat brodie😁

Thanks po

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@atongis, maraming salamat sa lahat lahat.

😁 maraming salamat din po nay😊

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