Sentence Unscrambler #23

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Game Rules

  • First person to unscramble the sentence wins.
  • Winner receives 11.547 SBD from last blog post #22, and 50% SBD from this blog post.
  • All Contestants receive 0.001 STEEM that try to solve the question, one per person.
  • (Hint) will have how many words are in the sentence.
  • Older posts are recognised first if they have the answer.
  • No winner, funds will be transferred to the next contest.
  • Game ends after 24 hours, or when someone wins.

Example : mdvIolyoge.
Hint: Four words
Answer: I love my dog.

It pays to be smart, let's play....


Hint :
Hint : Steemit, Voting

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Yikes! This looks even harder than the last one!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Take that back: "You can vote for a maximum of thirty witnesses."

Damn you got it before me. I can see I was on the right path but stuck with You can vote for a maximum of twenty & tirehsssi. Then I came back here to refresh and saw your comment. Good job!

Good job.

Theres a period in the unscrambled words.

Good pickup. Also, there is an apostrophe in "there's".

Re Blogged

Thank you.

Did you not think to reduce the number of letters at least half?
English, I have not the native language. this competition is impossible for me!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I have a game for everyone, try this game-
Thank you for playing.

You can vote for a maximum of thirty witnesses.

Edit: dang, just saw someone already answered that :( this one was fast.

Thank you for playing.


Thank you.