"Kill the Messenger" preview Pt. 1 -- #Unity4J // FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!

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This is a project I am working on with @v4vapid and @fortified. Be on the lookout for more on this. This song will be the first of a few songs that we are making.


All lyrics were written by @jamesgetsit and @v4vapid

Verse 1

In my dreams I walk free in the city streets
twenty five hundred days, plus fifty weeks
Doing hard time for these wikileaks
Trying to bring the truth out, man, it only gets you heat
Then they gag you, don't get to speak
And when you get the leak, they try to hit delete
The masters of the masses, they want this shit discrete
That's why my middle fingers up to these sick elites
Free speech, it's freedom of press,
Take the deepest darkest secrets, never leave em unsaid
If I'm a thief, then I'm a thief for the people you dread
The people of the red, white, and blue, you keep them in bed
seeing the sheep, keep em asleep, deceiving the weak
keep seeking the leaks, til you cease and I see your defeat
until I'm deceased underneath a freezin red sheet
become a deadman, then I hit the switch and release


When Goldman Sachs is your creditor – You kill the messenger
Story's axed by the editor - You kill the messenger
Pay-to-play on the regular - You kill the messenger
Need to silence any questioner – You Kill the messenger

Why this matters

Free speech and freedom of press is necessary for a free people. It should worry everybody, regardless of political bent, how Julian Assange is being treated. He has committed no crimes. He is a truth-sayer, and for that reason alone he is being hunted.

I strongly encourage each and every one of you to speak out about this to any/all followers your have on your different social media accounts. We might not think that it amounts to much, but it really does.

The information he has shared isn't he-said-she-said bull shit... It's the unadulterated truth. https://wikileaks.org/

We need to speak out and show our solidarity! http://unity4j.com/

There will be another livestream on July 3rd. Show your support!


Im so excited about this project. its going to amazing. track is super tight.

Thanks man! I can't wait to see the final product! Going to be sickkkkkk!

You guys are incredible. The track is a 10/10. I am absolutely stoked that this is going to be the #unity4j theme song. WL are going to love it. Amazing job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much! I am really glad you enjoyed it! Can't wait to get into the studio to get it done legit!

What do you need to make that happen? I've listened to it like 8 times already and everyone I've played it to including @elizbethleavos has had their mind blown. Your timing and delivery are exceptional, the beat is perfect and the lyrics are off the charts. You have made something really really special and we will make sure the world gets to hear it!!

Well, to be honest, I just got in a pretty bad car accident a couple days ago and that has put a wrench in things. Am definitely going to still try hard to get it recorded before the stream.

And thank you so much! That means a lot! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. It helps when the content I'm speaking about is real and heartfelt and not just some random BS.

I say to the Creator, that he will heal you quickly. So that you will come back again your aim and mission.

that was sick man! love the concept , the beat and the rhymes are all fire!!

Thanks man! Always really appreciate your support!

No sweat man, Im a big fan anyway so its all good!! haha

Assange 2020!

That would be great! Haha

DOPE KILL THE MESSenger! Wasn't he about to get a pardon from the UK?

Not sure what he'd need to be pardoned for. I do know that under pressure from the US if he steps outside the embassy they will arrest him and extradite him to the US for espionage charges.

The fake rape charge from sweeden is maybe what im thinking about?

Oh yea, that... It was dropped.

The world would be a better place with more people like Julian. Transparency in positions of power is the only way to a truly fair and free world.

Hi, @jamesgetsit I'm surprised by this project "Kill the Messenger ". Song & lyrics both are very good.it's may becoming to marvelous .

What an awesome sound! Loved every part of it! Keep up the good work! Love from Volareo.

Thanks a lot! Will definitely try to!

great job ^^

Very beautiful music post
Thank you for sharing
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Thanks so much!

U got a nice flow man.. Meanwhile nice message in there.. Thanks for sharing...

U got a nice flow
Man.. Meanwhile nice message in
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I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks brother! Appreciate the compliments!

First time hearing this version!
I love your flow man, and working with you on this! I think this beat adds a sense of urgency. Can't wait to hear the final product.
Once again, thank you so much for helping get the word out for #Unity4J. It's vitally important that we speak for him in his time of need and support WL anyway we can.

Really glad you enjoyed it brother! Yea, the instrumental is definitely better suited for the lyrics. Sense of urgency is dead on.

And no problem. An attack on the freedom of speech is something everyone should be up in arms about!

Assange is a criminal agent of the Russian GRU...he deserves what he is getting, this guy should never be set free, there is no truth in any of what he says..he is in fact a computer hacker, regardless of the information disclosed. Yes Hillary was..Yes on the material. But this guy Mendax, hacked state computers and systems, that serve and protect the nation. He is a spy.. Wakey wakey...He seeks to bring down the West, with Putin blessing...