Faling Blocks- my video of m first game created in Unity

in #unity3 years ago

Well, just like the title suggests, this is my first creation made with Unity. I literally have no experience from before on game design nor of c# which I am using, so don't expect much for some time, but I wanted to add this little video showing where it is. I don't plan on doing much with it since it is only a sample of coding made with the instruction of YouTube tutorials, but it's a start. The difficulty is too easy, that's why it's not uch of a problem to out-maneuver the falling blocks. I think next I'll do a little tower defence or something. I have plenty of things before I get serious, but hooray for now.

Take Care!

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Also, I think I figured out why my past projects didn't post... I didn't have audio behind them, so I added a simple background music to make this one work.

You’re doing a great job! You really know how to figure your way around

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