The Verdict is in: Guilty as Charged!

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The Charge:

Humanity has been charged with harming the Earth with activities that result in run away climate change, harming the natural world with their activities and stressing the capacity of the Earth due to over population and pollution.  

The Verdict:  Guilty as Charged

The Sentence:  Confinement for some, death for most others

This is where it gets surreal and difficult for most people to wrap their heads around these issues.  I'm not sure if everyone is aware, but the judge, jury and executioner is the global elite.  The guilty party is humanity and the sentence is harsh.  People who studied these issues have seen this verdict for many years, but it is so extraordinary that it is difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to portray to others.  The truth is hidden in plain sight, disguised in a shroud of doubt, disbelief and denial.  The elite accuse those who 'see' this agenda as 'Conspiracy Theorists' who are then painted with effective propaganda techniques as crack pots, nuts and crazies, thereby being dismissed by most.  

I include myself in that list that people think are nuts and crazies, but I will not yield in my efforts to expose this agenda and provide solutions.  I'm not going to get into all the issues with this post, but I do want to cover a situation unfolding in Alberta that is tied to UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030.

Alberta Government proposing creation of Bighorn Wildland Provincial Park and protected areas

There are a number of news articles that one could read to catch up on this issue,  here, here and here.  While the provincial government says it is trying to protect these wild areas, I suggest that this is part of a much larger agenda.  That agenda is to get people off the land, severely restrict the use of the land and concentrate people into centralized high density urban centers.  The issue is not people, but rather the corporate and industrial systems that rape and pillage the land,  licensed by the very institutions that are now busy at work blaming people for these issues.  The issue is the colonial empires that the government commands and controls.  But they make it sound like the problem rests with people like you and I. 

'Our landscapes and watersheds have been neglected ... and they are coming apart at the seams' - Bob Weber · The Canadian Press · Posted: Jan 02, 2019 3:38 PM MT  

While he is right, I don't blame people per se but rather the colonial empire that breed an environment of greed, lust, violence, control and genocide.  Now they want to blame humanity and implement solutions under the guise of sustainability and environmental protection.  This is part of their end game.

Source:  Alberta Environment and Parks

The provincial government has plans for the entire province and not just this one area.  

 In 2008 the Government of Alberta released the Land-use Framework  with the goal of sustaining our economy but balancing this with  Albertans' social and environmental goals. The LUF establishes seven new  land-use regions and calls for the development of a regional plan for each.  - source

This Land-use Framework divided up the province into 7 regions and mandated that each region develop a plan.  Two regions have plans that are approved by the Provincial Government already.  While these plans may appear to be sustainable and in the best interests of Albertans, what most don't realize is that these frameworks will be used to continue the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 programs to remove the people from the land.   


People are under attack and their solution is to isolate, restrict, govern and soft kill if necessary.  The goal is to blame humanity for the damage and use that as a justification to control the whole land mass, condense the population into urban centers and then implement their end game.  

The major flaw in their plan

This plan has a few major flaws.  First off, we are the land and the land is us.  We are the stewards of the land and the number of people returning to the land is increasing exponentially.  Awareness of the colonization process is unfolding at an even faster pace.  This planet can sustain the needs of 50 billion people, but it cannot sustain the wants of 7 billion.  There is a huge difference between the two and the colonial system not only supports consumerism, but it encourages it while punishing people who work hard to return to the land.  Their empire is ALL about control and the provincial Land-us Framework plans are further proof.  If the colonial empire was indeed interested in the well being of our relatives (plants & animals), they would be encouraging people to return to the land, working on being independent from the state and helping facilitate the formation of our ancestral tribes.  

But if we examine their actions and ignore their words, we will witness the complete opposite.  The colonial empires have no interest in people being independent.  Ask any individual who has worked hard to return to the land and live off all the grids.  The coercive power of the state is doing everything they can to discourage that type of behaviour, yet these individuals who are returning to the land are the ones that are having the biggest impact in regards to healing the land, protecting the water, air, plants and animals.  

The Solution

I got out of the feudal empire of the colonists and rebuilt a life on the land.  I stand as a steward of this land, working hard to protect it from their greed, violence and coercion.  I suggest to everyone that the solution to our global problems is that we abandon the colonial empire, its corporate network and return to the land.  The solution is simple while the implementation is indeed challenging.  The Government of Alberta does not have the solution as they are signatories to the UN and are bound by UN treaties and charters.  The UN is not our friend either, even though it may appear to be that way.  

I've spent over a decade talking about solutions and I've outlined them in my blog, book, videos and interviews.  Humanity is not a disease, it is the cure!  We are the solution to the problems that the colonial empires have created.  Their propaganda may sound wonderful, but it hides an evil truth.  They do it for control, not for healing.  Expect a China type Social Credit Score soon to help manipulate people to follow their agenda.  If you follow along, you get a high score, if you follow Spirit to protect and steward the land, you will get a low score.  As a result, the masses will implement shame, guilt and even violence to ensure people comply.  

This is NOT the way to save our planet or our lives.  I don't give a shit what they or anybody else thinks of me or get distracted by what the science says.  I will not succumb to social pressure to tow the party line.  I will do what my heart feels is right and these programs being implemented by the Provincial Government screams DANGER, DANGER to me.  I am deeply concerned about the outcomes if the government completes their mandate.  

Expect people to get kicked off the land, put in jail or even killed.  I'll do the opposite.  I will encourage people to return to the land, free themselves from their slavery and embrace life!  I refuse to be judged by man.  I will let Spirit judge my actions and behaviours.  I reject their verdict and stand on the land despite it!


Your assessment of the agenda is right over the target. That is exactly what is going on in Canada and I am very concerned as well. I'm very familiar with the Nordegg area of Ab as I often work there, and will actually be there again soon. Appreciate your posts.

I've been studying this shit for far too long. One of the reasons why we moved off grid over 10 years ago. I'm deeply concerned, but I don't think most people get it yet. My thoughts and prayers are with you @sauna. Keep me in the loop. I'm not sure how to help, but I cannot just sit here and say nothing either. <3 Peace to you.

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