Protecting oneself from smart meters ... my approach

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I've been helping my dear friends who have been under attack by the City of Windsor.  It has been absolutely horrendous the treatment that they have been experiencing.  So far they are doing very well at maintaining the peace and putting the city into their box where they belong.

The latest challenge is in regards to water smart meters.  The corporations seem to love to ignore lawful process.  My friends have been patient and peaceful.  Ensuring that they don't play the corporate game but instead hold stead fast and confident, I do believe my friends will prevail.  The approach we are taking is a bit different and to explain what they are doing, I need to explain a few things first.

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The principle of easements has been around for a long time and in my view is a huge problem that needs to be remedied.  Basically, an easement is a feudal grant from a land owner (one who holds feudal tenure / title) to another individual or corporation, either express or implied!  That grant typically grants permission to a third party to use the land, install infrastructure etc for water, gas, electricity, roads, etc.  The easement is usually recorded on the title but not always.  The challenge is that the easement rights are superior to that of the land owner and the grant survives the sale of the land to other owners.  It is actually very difficult to remove an easement after it has been granted.  As such, it can survive until the individual or corporation no longer wants or needs the easement and dissolves it, which hardly ever happens.  As a result, over time, corporations end up with more and more control over the land, either through ownership (title) or easements.

The approach my friends are taking

The thing to remember is that the original grant is most likely very specific.  In this case, the easement is for the corporation so that it can deliver water to their customer.  The easement most likely grants access to the land to install the pipes and water meter, plus access to the land to read the meter.  Here is where things get interesting.

When smart meters get installed, the corporation is setting up a wireless mesh network.  These mesh networks are infrastructure that most likely falls outside the scope of the original easement grant as these networks are telecommunication infrastructure governed by the CRTC and other federal and / or provincial legislation and never existed when the original easement grants were made.  The corporations try to hoodwink the land owner by selling it as merely a meter upgrade.  However, these projects are WAY MORE than that.  

I suspect the corporations are getting away with establishing this new network because people are ignorant of the process.  If the land owner does not object to the meter, then the corporation is receiving an implied grant to expand their easement.  As such, their infrastructure receives dominant rights over the servant land owner.  If the land owner objects, the corporation wins as easements are dominant and land owners are servants.  

What my friends are doing is challenging the corporation in regards to this unwarranted expansion of the easement.  They are specifically putting them on notice that they are not granting any easement, whether expressed or implied.  They are conditionally accepting the new meter if the corporation can prove that this new infrastructure falls within the scope of the original easement grant, along with other proof.  They are challenging the corporation to prove that the meters will also not cause any harm to a fetus or young son / daughter within the home.

The corporation is spouting statutes as a justification to force the upgrade.  However, they have been caught not following protocol and as such they loose their authority under that legislation.  Confronting the corporation and the minions that are drunk with power thinking they can do anything is mandatory for every citizen.  I've even found violations of the Charter and some Supreme Court Rulings, which I will share when this process is over.

I want to share this with people as these legal tactics are common as the corporations take advantage of people's ignorance.  I cannot express enough how important it is to educate oneself so that the people can put these greedy, power hungry bastards back into their fictional box and shrink it so that it is so small they will struggle to breath under the constraints.  Government should be tiny, small and nearly insignificant.  The bloated government that we all see today is far beyond out of control and it is up to the people to put them back into the box.  

The good news

Even if the corporation turns off their water, there is a way around it.  If a home owner is cut off, install a water tank, pressure tank and pump in the basement.  Turn off the tap to the city and connect your new pressure system to the house.  You will have to haul water, but at least you can still run water through your taps without the city.  Most municipalities sell water at pumping stations.  The more alternatives we have, the less pressure people feel.  The corporation uses coercion to force people to comply because the people think there are no other alternatives.  Water is sacred and a necessity of life and the corporations use that to pressure people to comply.  However, there is nothing stopping you or anybody else from setting up your own water system in your home and bypass the municipal water system.  This makes the corporate threat of disconnecting the water, impotent.  

One more thing

The corporations have been granted legislative authority which means they fall within the scope of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  As such, we can hold them accountable to those restrictions!  Learn them if you want to protect yourself and your family.  They cannot do what ever they want.  In fact, they are severely restricted and unless we start confronting them on their abusive, violent, abhorrent behaviour, they will end up with all the power as people unwillingly or unwittingly grant them all their rights and privileges.  

In the end, each spiritual being has the highest authority and power.  We are the masters.  We are kings and queens.  But if we keep granting or gifting away all our authority and power, we will end up being the slaves.  With great power comes great responsibility.  


 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge - Hosea 4:6

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I would also like to add one more solution if the municipality is not working by law. Other than the water pump one can install a tube well to get the pure water from underground water reservoir. In my village this is still a very common practice and people are enjoying even a better and healthy life than the cities.

Off course we are the kings and queens and we are the master of our fortune. So we should adopt the habits accordingly never the corporations or Govts. to steal our inner peace.

Thank you so much the living legend and mentor @wwf <3


Wells are a challenge in the city. Most companies would not drill a well within the city. Out in the country people have wells or cisterns. The problem there is that fracking has contaminated most of the aquifers that people tap into with their water wells. Municipal water sources are what most people depend on and that is the problem. For us, we collect rain water, but even then we have to be careful. With the recent fires in BC, the rain water ended up being contaminated and is black in colour. We dumped 500 + gallons of water as it was not safe to drink.


Oh this is the situation there. Actually, I was not aware for all this. Under this scenario the solutions you suggested are more than perfect and effective. Thanks for elaborating the point Bro @wwf :)

Agreed. Not only should we learn about laws and regulations locally, we need to teach our children....and anyone else who will listen.

Great post @wwf!! I look forward to hearing more.

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Like you said, people should look towards alternatives. We almost take the fact that we are virtually our own government here in Nigeria when it comes to basic ammenities for granted. I forgot how controlling corporations are when giving access to things we cannot do without


I am grateful that our struggles here is reminding you of what not to do there. Don't take it for granted my friend. Protect what you have and work towards freedom for everyone!

In 2009, the town of Pulaski installed a new water district and added it to the tax bill. My ancestor have been here since the early 1800's and have always used the wells and Snake creek which runs through our property.


Yup. corporate take over of the natural world when in reality it is a commons and needs to be protected as such. I bet they did the take over using easements and quoting statutes, regulations and bylaws of the state as well.

Mired in paperwork is they way they work. The governments want you to follow blindly and not question anything. Make them prove the extent of the law. A lot of lawmakers don't have a grasp on the laws they have created.

I imagine that if it's happening in Canada that it's happening in the US too. It's strange to think that you can buy a piece of property, but you don't really own the land because someone else has an easement. Maybe the easement should be installed with a specific time frame, or call for renewal. Then it's not granted in perpetuity. What a crazy world we live in!


When you buy property, you are only purchasing a grant from the government / Queen to possess the land. The true ownership title remains with the state / sovereign. This problem goes way deeper than what I wrote here. It is indeed a crazy world.

Am posting a link to this on Gab, as more people are likely to read it there.

Thanks for the post

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