Did not se that coming.... 😲

in unexpected •  5 months ago

So as some of you know I've been feeling a bit under the weather with fever and such.
Today I was going to the doctor hoping to get medication for my caugh, but ended up being hospitalized.... 😯


I have double pneumonia and fluid in the lungs so I need to stay in bed and get treatment.
My first reaction was "so that's why it felt like someone was standing on my chest" 😜
So I might not be online much and it sux Bigtime.

I just had to say Hi to you guys and thank you for always being so amazing!
Se you when I get back.
Much Love to you all ❤️💋🤗🤗🤗💋❤️





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Greetings, sugar Safissara

Too bad you're so. I have a dog called Miya. She is their shitzu. This breed has a long coat. A few days ago, I slept exactly next to her, putting my face on. Shortly after, I found myself in an allergic process. I slept barely a day or two, I was with net melequinhas in the nose and a little in my throat too. Today I'm fine.

His condition is worse than I was. Improved in 3 days. I hope you can get well soon and come back to write here on steemit network.

The photo you chose was pretty funny.

Improvements and have a nice day!! Rest!!!

Stay safe 👸🏼🤗 you are needed, what can #TeamHug do with it’s beautiful leader stranded in hospital.

Take care though my dear, you really need lot’s of rest to get over this one - as someone who has seen plenty of loved one’s suffer pneumonia it’s not to be taken lightly - listen to the doctors and nurses they will help you get better much quicker.

Sending you all my warmest wishes and hugs tonight 🤗😊💐 be well soon we all will miss you very much.

#thealliance #witness

Oh, no!
A little sleep, and lots of warm wishes.

... and of course, some Swedish Fish.
Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 15.10.44.png

Get better! Pneumonia is not good.

Oh no! That sucks!

But maybe you'll meet some really nice nurses that will bring you the good stuff from the kitchen. ... You know, once you feel well enough to eat delicious things again.

When you said 'double pnemonia' I thought
🎶"Walking pnemonia and the boogie woogie flu!"🎶

Are you boogying? Cause you should probably take a little dance break... just long enough to catch your breath. 😉

I spent a LOT of time hospitalized as a kid with pnemonia. Even 'got to' live in a bubble for a while. I hope you don't have to be bubbled.... They don't let you play video games then. 😆

Rest! Eat Jello! And ....

It seems to have hit you quite suddenly, hope you get well very soon!


It seems to have hit
You quite suddenly, hope you
Get well very soon!

                 - bengy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Uhhhh, okay. I guess bots can't figure out context and appropriate moments...

Geez!! I'm glad you decided to go to the doctor when You did! Hope you are feeling better real soon!! ❤ ((hugs))

Hello sweet friend...I am so sorry to hear this. Pneumonia is no joke. So you take it easy and get well soon and we all will be thinking of you with Prayers and Thoughts :)

Rest much as you need sweetness, we be here when you get out. Much love and thoughts of full recovery. 🤗😘😇💞

Ohh my friend so sorryto hear your not feelign well, and having had the same thing a few times I know exactly what it feels like, I described it once as feeling an elephant was sitting on my chest

trust some advise from an old man, Listen to the Drs and rest up and get better my friend

Ohmygosh, sweetie! Rest up, take care of yourself. If you need any moral support, you know where to find me, but maybe put your phone away and just let your body heal. So much love!!!

Oh no!!! @saffisara Sorry to hear this!
But you are very lucky you needed medicine refilled
or the doctors would not have found out you have double pneumonia. If not treated, pneumonia can cause permanent damage to your lungs!
Please rest up and know we love you!!!
Here are some flowers to brighten your hospital room!

Your encouraging words aided my quick recovery from my accident. You're such a lovely person and i know you'll be up and doing asap, just take your drugs religiously and do what ur told to.
😘 love and hugs for you.

Sorry to hear this @saffisara... hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself!!

Oh no. You poor thing, Saffi.

Here's hoping they fix you up asap and that you get back to your normal self again.

Hugs xxx


Hope you feel much better real soon, I really love your posts here on Steemit.

Get well soon @saffisara! <3


Sending you much love, hugs, and kisses and hope you feel better soon honey!

hooo, how much I'm sorry, I hope you're better, take care of yourself and be pampered.
It is the best medicine

Espero que te pongas bien de salud muy pronto. Aquí en #thealliance todos estamos pendientes de tí. Un saludo de tu amigo desde Venezuela.

So sorry to hear about that @saffisara! Sending lots of hugs and get well wishes and praying that you will be well soon, dear friend! Get plenty of rest. We will still be here when you are well again!

Please take care of yourself and listen to what they tell you to do. We NEED you healthy and well. So much love being sent your way!!

aww you pore thingi💕, double sided too, you sure hade been working on that one O.o feel better soon, take YOUR MEDS missy ;) 💕💕💕

Ohhh! That's really sad and bad ! Believe, it will take sometime before the whole course of treatment completes. But, I know that You are a Brave & Strong Girl and will fight back with all those bad bad germs and come out happy, healthy and cured !!!
Get Well Soon !!! Our Dearest Saffi !!! @saffisara

Awww I’m so sorry to hear that it was that bad ! Please take good care of yourself and be in touch as soon as you can . Get well soon :)

I hope you get to feeling better soon. I have been hospitalized for pneumonia before too. It sucks but pneumonia can be quite serious.

Dear Saffi, I hope you recover quickly and back to yourself. Much love and well wishes, 🤗 🌹 ♥️

Hope you will be well very soon!! Sleep, my friend, sleep a lot!!!


Hope you get to feeling better quickly! Dealing with pneumonia sux big time, so hang in there and we will see you back in action here real soon. :-)

Hope you'll feel better soon. It's good you had yourself checked and hopefully eveything in control now. Take a lot of rest... ❤

Hope you are back on your feet and keyboard in no time!!

This is terrible news, but I'm sure you'll recover soon. Please take care of yourself and don't worry, we'll wait patiently for your return!!!

Get well soon @saffisara .....

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Really sad to hear that Sara. I hope you're feeling better soon, take care hun xx

oh my goodness! I knew you were unwell but i didn't realise it was so serious that you had to be hospitalised! I hope the doctors are taking good care of you! Send lots of hugs and hope you get well quickly! We miss you!