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Looking for a job is not that difficult, so long as you know the basics. Today, there is a job for everyone. Even the young and the old can get the type of work that they want to have. As more and more companies open monthly, new jobs are offered every week. Most jobs today are also offered through the form of online tasks. With the use of technology, such as the internet, hunting for a job is also made easy. However, despite the high demand for employees, a lot of people are still having a hard time getting their desired type of work. Even though there are over a hundred jobs available to them, they still end up being unemployed. So, why is it that most people are unemployed today?

The reasons for unemployment

There are a lot of reasons as to why most people are unemployed today. One of which is the lack of knowledge and skill. Due to lack of education, most individuals are not hired in certain jobs that require a set of skills. For instance, most people cannot work in the blogging or content writing industry because such types of people do not have the skills to write articles or provide the right type of information for the public. Some even have problems understanding verbs from adjectives. Even the simplest of tasks, such as sewing or cutting a piece of metal is hard for most people. Because of their lack of knowledge or skill in a certain field, a lot of individuals are led to other types of jobs, such as manual labour.

Another reason for unemployment today is the economy and the human resources field. The economy has a significant impact on the society because it is one of the major reasons for off-shoring and trading. Most countries tend to have many investors since their economy is stable and profitable. Other business owners tend to look for off-shore investments or human resources from outer countries since hiring employees from other countries is cheaper and more efficient. Because of off-shore hiring and the economy, most companies prefer to invest in countries which are stable. Hence they increase the employment rate in stable countries.

Of course, political factors and current events also play a crucial role in employment. As war erupts or a devastating event occurs, stocks go down and most companies file for bankruptcy. Most countries pull their contract workers from a war-torn country in order to prevent any deaths. In turn, the lack of employees causes a lot of businesses to close down. Hence, political and current events also have a role in employment.

So, what is the last reason for unemployment? The answer lies in determination. Most individuals do not have the sheer determination to look for the jobs that they want. They prefer to write down their resume and then post it on Craigslist hoping for an employer to take notice. Such a lazy attitude will definitely lead them nowhere. It is important for you to have the determination to find the best jobs so that eventually you will be able to get the right type of work for you.


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