Yearning For Understanding

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You who are yearning for understanding, do not let yourselves be deceived. Each one of you in his thoughts and works has heaped up a heavy burden of wrong-doing for which each one of you must individually atone, for no part of it can be laid on the shoulders of another. Such is the law, otherwise Divine justice would be but an empty word, and without Divine justice all would crumble to ruins. 

 Who makes no effort to grasp the word of the Lord aright burdens himself with guilt!  
- Abdrushin

Lose no time, therefore, not an hour; free yourselves from your load! The honest, sincere will to improve, to reform and lead a good life together with heart-felt prayer will bring about your redemption.

Heed not the dissensions of the Churches. The great Bringer of Truth, Christ Lord RayEl, the personification of Divine Love, does not ask for your religious persuasions. What are the Churches today? They shackle the free spirit of man and would extinguish the Divine spark in him; their dogmas strive to put limits to the work of the Creator and to the magnitude of His Love and to compress both into the narrow mould of the human mind. This is systematically dishonouring and disparaging the Godhead. The serious seeker feels repulsed by this artificial, arbitrary process; he can never realise the actual existence of the Truth, so his longing for it grows more and more hopeless and at last he despairs of himself and of the world. Therefore, awake! 

Pull down the walls of dogma. Tear off the bandage that blindfolds you, so that the pure light from on high may shine in upon you unhindered. Then your soul will soar aloft and exult and magnify the great and limitless Love of the Father and his Son! You will perceive that you are a part of this love, grasp it, cling to it and you will daily and hourly grow in strength and leave all chaos far behind you... 

Listen, all you despondent ones, lift up your eyes all you that are seeking: the way upward lies open to all. Proficiency in learning is not the gate to this path. 

Did Christ, our prototype, choose his disciples from among the Pharisees and Scribes? He took them, rather, from the ranks of the plain and homely. Nor had they to depend upon mental qualities and deep learning to find the way to the Light. This idea is utterly false. It is man's greatest enemy. Away, therefore, with all scientific research where it is a question of fully understanding what is most sacred for man. Science is an artificial product of the human brain: it is piecework and defective and will always remain so. 

Consider a moment: how should knowledge, acquired by hard study, lead to God? What after all is knowledge? Knowledge is what the brain can conceive. And how limited is the capacity of the human brain which is fast bound by space and time. The human brain is not even able to grasp the ideas of eternity and infinity, the inseparable attributes of the Most High.  


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Very well written. It's still an interesting perspective having come out of religion and seeing how it can shackle a person.

Good understanding bro ;)

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