Don't try to bribe me to give you my upvote, please

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I don't remember if I ever started some kind of upvoting service!

Every day I find out that somebody has sent me from 0.001 SBD to 0.5 SBD trying to get my attention, with memo that contains link of some post or without it! But I don't see any point of it, since I am not a whale, just a average Steemer trying to improve my own rewards and posting. In last year a lot of things happened and I really needed money! Life is unpredictable and shit happens, you cant control it and I was forced to power down a bit! If I never powered down, I would have around 16 000 Steem Power but I still wouldn't be a whale or even a dolphin! I don't know what some users here think that I am and it's really not comfortable when you see something like that in your wallet!

That made me think about my own actions!

I hired few of those mercenary whales dozens of times to upvote my posts! Now I see bad side of it and all that reminds me on politics of my country!

I live in a country where rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer! We are not ruled by common sense but by those who have enough money to adjust the law and state's institutions for their own benefits. The money is a false god and he bribery is a tool with which you can achieve all you want.

I'm trying to fight that system with empty pockets, plans for better future and I can be everything but NOT LAZY! My brain is constantly busy and, step by step, it is getting closer to some solutions for my family's future. I am not a greedy person and I don't have big needs to satisfy! A smile on the faces of those who I love is the best reward that I can get!

If I upvote you because you sent me some tip, I would betray everything what I stand for! So, from now on, I will not use @randowhale, @booster or @minnowbooster anymore for myself, only to help other that I want reward them but I can't with my own Steem Power!

I kinda already have my own upvoting service and these are the rules: make a good post, if I find it and if I like it, I will give you my upvote! That's the only way I do it! Thank you!



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Thank you for saying what I've been doing and wanted to say, but did not out of fear. I'm not here to trade horses. I'm here to trade horse stories.

I'm really kind of sick of this idea that I have to be liked by you or anyone else to get an upvote on my content. That would be nepotism, right?

Bribery is no better. How can anyone make a subjective assessment as to the quality of my article or comment if they are "friends" with me, or are anticipating a payback in kind?

You describe the politics of United States very well, though I'm not sure if you live here. Even if you don't, you get it, you understand the problem with the false god of money.

I don't beg for votes, I don't announce that I upvoted anyone's article anymore, I don't follow you if you follow me. I just put it out there and see what happens. If it sticks I write more. I would rather depend on natural attraction than promotion. That is how great ideas take hold.


This comment got you a follower! I am from Croatia that is the asshole of world's asshole :)

Yep - a lotta clamouring hungry ghosts around here - vote for me, follow me and I follow you, like me, love me, feed me, and I do same for you - kinda whiney isn't it. But live and let live.

Love is the only thing that lasts.

And as you suggest, we just wander along our merry way ;)


Exactly, thanks for a nice comment

I received those offers myself but I don't really see a point of it, my vote is not overly valuable because I blow my steem recklessly and without thinking.
The bought whale boosters are sort of the advertising, everyone can use it and it is not illegal.
But, it also means that you have to pay to get something in return. It can get you a little bit more, but not much.
Like in the real life, you have to pay for the things, but does it mean that your money which you use to pay that came out of a thin air, or you had to work for it?

Completely agree @dumar022 I get so pissed off at these fucking morons asking for votes so damn sad. What absolute retards



Happy to say I've never sent one of these 'beg-tips' but am slowly racking up these donations 😁

If I never powered down, I would have around 16 000 Steem Power but I still wouldn't be a whale or even a dolphin!

Great spirit. Btw isn't 5000 SP classified as a dolphin already? Are you talking about orca instead?


It seems that everyone has his own theory about about that. I can tell you that being minnow is most comfortable ground here ;)


Yes you are right, I can feel that. T^T

Great! I've not used the boosters a lot lately. I sometimes use them to see what their effect is, compared to what you put in, but most of the time, it's to boost my contest posts. The payout for those posts goes to the winners, so it helps me boost the rewards.

Anyway, I had a couple of those 0.001 SBD comments a while ago, but nothing anymore lately. I guess it might have to do with reputation! I never follow the links there, nor do I follow the links send through comments or private messages on I find it very annoying, but I figured that in some cultures, it's acceptable to beg. Not saying many don't know what they're doing is wrong, so I flag them sometimes. Depends on how often they do it really... When I feel like it, I explain my flags, though all of my posts already warn them and such...

Too much text now! Bye!


Your comments always make great point

Fair enough!


I guess it is

Congratz, your post has been read, approved and resteemed by a human 😊!


Thank you!

thanks for sharing


One day, you will write a good comment with proper message in it and I will upvote it

I agree with that!
May be it's better to say "will you" or "would you," I think that is the better way to ask. And I will look into your profile if it's worthy to upvote and to re-steem.



Thank you!

I turn all those people on since I'm small and I think every little bit helps. I get many per week. The shady ones get stomped down and disappear. Others are giving me money when they get to certain follower levels or other milestones. I don't worry about why. I just take the money.

I tried it once - paying for them to resteem to their followers and will not try again. I got nothing out of it.


You got nothing because you asked proper steemers


How do you mean that? It's a guy you send sbd and then he resteems. I'm thinking his many followers do not watch or see his feed.

I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.

- Albert Einstein


Very wise indeed

Thanks for writing this post @dumar022. I haven't experienced this myself but I'm aware of it. I suspect the crowd spamming peoples' wallets are so engrossed by their tactics of 'follow me', 'nice post', and 'look at my post' blanket coverage, that they'll never read posts like this, or even comments trying to persuade them of more beneficial ways for them, and steemit.

So the question begs - How to educate people that under any circumstance, begging is pointless and fruitless before they are approved?

Perhaps a short animated intro video where one can't fast forward explaining steemit as a whole with a clear explanation that these behaviours don't work,won't work, and are generally frowned upon.

Then a quick multiple choice to show an understanding before approval. People can take it again and again if they fail.

Just a thought. Cheers for letting me share.


They re all afraid that people will not notice them... and new users are not easy to ntice so they do whatever they can, either it's bribery from my point of view. Thanks for the comment

Love your thoughts. Common sense seems obsolete in our ruling class and thought shapers (media). Also the word Truth is frowned upon.


exactly, thank you

COOL, that's what I want to hear from everyone. It only makes the steemit community better. Thank you for your step!


Thank you for your comment

yep... boosters are great as tipping tool. Using them for oneself is like compensating own shortcomings (and it's totally besides the idea of steemit, mainly boosting the (curation)rewards of those who already have a lot of SP)


And they talk about anarchy

you has made a great decision for that..

hope you will get succees with your goal..


Thanks for the support, I'll do my best


you're welcome..

I'd already decided on my next strategy and I think this post has tipped the balance.

Thank you :)