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a Week... two Weeks... maybe Three?

I don't know anymore exactly: At least a lot longer ago than my last music post, I've been listening to this AMAZING set by Psyk. This Spanish artist, producer and label owner pulls me into his music right from the start, with this atmospheric, super minimal, rave-like track... and then, full steam ahead. Even on early mornings like today, within minutes I get drawn into the music, I get energised, no chance to catch some more sleep, no need for coffee...

Ok ok I'm still drinking a cup of coffee, just took my first sip! Can't do without that as well; Prepared with a traditional stove top percolator; From some really fresh beans by a local burner around the corner.

Owwww, what is life treating me nicely! :)

I'm so much looking forward to get to some super cool place of music, filled with interesting people, great sound system, and music like you can hear when pressing that play button below.

The sh*tty thing is, last weekend I was able to get to such spot - .WAS in Utrecht - a popup club programming almost only quality music. But work was calling! It was calling so hard, I could not find a way to break out of my obligations, promises and deadlines. Ah well :)

Still enjoying really much the recording, and very much looking forward to my next trip to Berlin later this year, to pay yet another visit to the temple of temples, Berghain, enjoyment assured! Goosebumps!

No more blahblahblah, scroll down and hit it!

© Psyk (source)


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Artist: Psyk
Set: Fuse Brussels
Year: 2018
Country: Belgium

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When I first listened to the beginning I thought the lyrics were being played in reverse lol. But then I realized that it was an introduction by presumably the artist who was speaking in a language that I didn't understand. I'm an idiot hahaha.

I skipped ahead to the music. Very cool. I really like around the 37 minute mark. For me Its kind of sci-fi esc and has an insect like buzzing/rattle sound. I find that interesting. Very cool. Nice share!

Hahaha, I should have warned for this guys voice at the start. It's a guy from Finland, talking in his native language, after that he speaks English. Essentially he tells a little about Psyk, that's all :) Glad you like it!