Encryptopedia- WePower (WPR)

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I. Overview.

Founded by Nikolaj Martyniuk, WePower is a blockchain based green energy trading platform. WePower enables renewal energy producers to raise their own capital in the form of WePower tokens (WPR) and in return consumers are provided an amount of renewable energy based on the amount of tokens invested in.

II. Technical Specifications.

Name: WePower

Ticker: WPR

Algorithm: ERC20

Total Supply: 745 million (July 1st 2018)

Current Supply: 446 million (July 1st 2018)

Protocol: N/A

Market Cap All Time High: 95.6 million (February 24th 2018)

Exchange: Huobi, IDEX, Binance, Liqui, Sistemkoin, Kucoin, Bitbns, EtherDelta, DDEX, CoinFalcon

III. Fundamental Specifications.

As we all know, the world we live in today emphasizes so much effort towards keeping our world cleaner and saving the environment. Hence, tokenizing something like renewable energy is a brilliant idea to optimize the financing cycle and open access to capital for energy producers. In the current situation, both investors and producers have individual problems they have to overcome but with WePower these problems can be overcome by indirectly getting both sides to help each other via smart contracts. Investors usually have problems with lack of access to investments, investments being too complicated and transparency while producers mainly have problems with capital and these can all be resolve through WePower’s technology.

The smart energy contract from WePower represents a contracting mechanism between an energy producer and energy consumer using blockchain technology which provides full transparency. WePower’s simple fundraising process does not only ensures full transparency but also efficiency. The fact that the system is set in a way that consumers are investing in producers saves a lot of time and resources for both ends and most importantly replacing the middle man with a token. In addition, WePower tokens are also easily tradable within the platform which allows consumers to only pay for energy that they use. Moreover, the digital smart energy contracts that WePower uses are able to provide flexible yet a standardized power purchase process.

IV. Coin Index

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im down 80 % !!!!!

May be because you were too over exposed, good portfolio management is key as well. The whole market consolidated about 70% so it makes sense for every coin to consolidate that much.

I got the WePower

I think #WePower has potential to be one of the best in a quick span of time. let's see where it stands in coming days.

I am excited to see how they perform as well!

I am excited too !! :) #WePower

What’s your suggestions should we invest in it or not

This is an encryptopedia so the goal is not to promote any coin but just to provide a general information about it. Nevertheless, current market cap of WePower is still low therefore room for growth is there.

bought some yesterday also elec.asia and grid

Always fun to put some money on a flyer, but make sure you have most of your chips in a surefire bet like Bitcoin.

Hope it turns out well for you! Remember I'm not shilling it, this is an encryptopedia.

Nice post i have hold Wepower in my portfolio for long term thanks for post

You're welcome!

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what you think it will be boom in future ?

When the Bticoin ETF comes out, near every crypto will go up.

You're right! Almost everything is undervalued now including WePower

Only problem is my bank account getting low from all the buying I've been doing lately. Don't get me wrong I like investing in undervalued asset, but there's a limit to how much you can purchase before you need to see a return. I'm almost maxed out but hopefully you have some dry powder left.

Well the ones that consolidate the most should have the biggest bounce. Always good to practice safe trading and not to over expose yourself. Remember, only invest what you can afford to lose.

Yeah.. I kind fomo at the bottom, 'the sale of a lifetime'. Ironically most other people fomo at the top. But anyway ti's late to pull out now, the moneys already invested, just gotta give 1-2 years

I know about we power program . i work in bounty program , this program is very good program. any body can invest with this program .

Awesome to know that!

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upvot me

WePower is still undervalued because of great project it can be in top 50 coins in future so its best time to invest in WePower.

It's good but I'm not sure about top 50, it can certainly try.

Lol, what 50 coins are you taking about, Litecoin, monero , xrp, etherium, ect? Or shovel coin, ponzi coin, and clown coin? I doubt it can smash past the top 50, but if it can push some crap coins out of the way I'm all for it.

Thanks for the acknowledgement @minhnguyen1994


Love Wepower have been HODLing through this correction :)

HODL smart and be careful !

Great post! I Just posted a review of a project with similar goals focusing on increasing efficiency of renewable integration in energy grids. Bet you never heard of them (NRGcoin) and its because they don't care about marketing, just development. I addressed WePower in the article but believe their project is a little behind as I explained. Feedback on the project would be much appreciated; https://steemit.com/blockchain/@altcoin-analysis/the-best-energy-coin-you-ve-never-heard-of-no-marketing-no-ico-no-hype-just-development

Thanks for sharing!

It is great to see blockchain being used to address a serious real-world problem. Thank you for sharing information on this project.

Welcome! Glad that I can bring this to your attention.

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bạn ơi, làm sao mà bài viết của bạn lại được tiếp cận và upvote nhiều vậy. Chỉ mình cách đk không Pro. Thanks bạn

very interesting and informative!! I'll be following..thank you for your support!

Thanks! It's a pleasure!