This time last year I sold out of bitcoin - bought dash.

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Dec, 2016 I bought 1000 dash at $9 because bitcoin was not performing as expected any longer.

See this post I wrote about bitcoin fees.

In early 2017, I was down on shapeshift because I owned all dash and people were coming to me to buy bitcoin. Its sad that after a year of high fees, battles, finally a fork, another fork and a futures market opening, this coin is still unusable as cash. Imaging paying for groceries with bitcoin and you can't leave for 2 hours (or several days) and the people behind you can't check out until your bitcoins get recognized by the network

Frozen foods melted

Ice cream on the floor. Well I have had angry buyers wondering why they aren't receiving their coins in Starbucks casual meetings for over a year. Now I send bitcoins instantly within the bitshares network. Sent in 3 seconds like Steem.

They may wait two days to send them out. But they had to have that name


Me? I don't touch that stuff any longer. Too stressful sending it and watching it in limbo for hours and hours - days?

Now ask yourself why the price is tanking...



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wow you bought dash at an amazing rate and now it exploded to the top :D

Boom goes the dynamite... looks like this was a good move to make, no??

About 21mm good- it's worth reading what I wrote as, back then, I continued to trade bitcoin when I didn't have any bitcoins. This was done using shapeshift to send dash through, changing them to bitcoin. But I spent whole afternoons waiting with private parties that I didn't know. Explaining how the bitcoin network is broken. While we waited, I helped them install a dash wallet. But here we are a year later and everyone still just wants this slow broken coin.

It is still secure if you are holding it. Once it arrives at your wallet, nobody can hack it, but transferring it from one to another can take 30 to 50 dollars and 2 hours to 2 days.

your information and blog i like that, I think you are a good man really, Thank you Sponge Bob.

That was a great call. I'd like it is Bitcoin kept its shit together so ripple doesn't come out on top, but the fees are truly ridiculous. May dash treat us well!

seriously. That's a good point. I did ripple when it first came out. I traded all over the place in all different coins and currencies. But when I tried to cash out and move to another exhcange, it was impossible. I had to undo all the trades I made, and find the people who had created x, y, and z assets. What a pain!!

Ripple should go away. It whould be gone.

The banks are cheering it on, that's why I'm not X-D

I sent some small dollars from @blocktrades to my wallet and it's now 15 hours and no confirmation yet...! The charges are insane.

You should imagine the anger I now have as a minnow....really upset and my Christmas is officially messed up due to Bitcoin.

I am here watching the price drop drop drop and this is the saddest part to me as a minnow...!

The price is dropping because the devs on bitcoin extended a full year of huge fees just to receive huge fees. Then they though a fork would fix it - experts said no. Then all then new ads and hyp making everyone want "bitcoin". People who are in the know would say "use steem (instand and free) or Dash (very low fees and sends almost instantly)" Bitcoin is not the fix all - it's useless and almost as slow and expenses as Western Union - before it was taking their customers.

It will scale one day and work fast again - today is not that day.

Come to Dash.

Will definitely come to dash,wanted some fiat for's Why I chose buyers for altcoins yet here in Uganda...most people buy only Bitcoin!!!

By the time you buy Dash the price of BTC will go up again. And Dash price might stay or go down. Yes BTC is going down and thats good so we can buy some more at lower level.

It's a rollercoaster ride being in the crypto world,am enjoying hehehe

"It will scale one day and work fast again - today is not that day.
Come to Dash."

great post

Take care everything , Sir

U r right dear friend

Nice article friend

Yeah BTC is having some growing pains, to say the least.

So, 1,000 Dash, and it was up to around $1,500 at one point - YIKES! Wanna be BFF's? lol

Good for you. (Tell Mr. Krabs and Patrick I said, "Hi.")

When samsung sells exploding phones, I don't buy them. When Bitcoin charges too much and doesn't deliver the coins, I stop using them.


I don't blame you at all. Some of the fees are totally insane, and waiting hours for a transaction will never be okay either.

Today, I think the market will adjust in the direction of bringing bitcoin to its real value should have. But steem will increase prices until the end of 2017. Thanks @sponge-bob

With all the constant advertizing of bitcoin and bitcoin services on Youtube and all over the net, the price will go back up. No doubt. But, how do you transfer it? I trade bitcoin within bitshares but I would never try to send any on the bitcoin blockchain. I am so done with that. It's like staning in line at the bank or at Western Union. Lame, sweaty and slow. (plus expensive)

Despite bitcoin being so valuable, individuals are going to stay away from it real soon... High fees, delay in transaction... Besides, there are So many coins springing up here and there to substitute for bitcoin

...and people are talking about Bitcoin to $100k. Just imagine the fees when this happens!

I don't care much about the price of bitcoin or even if it scales. It does suck that so many newbies get bitcoin and then find out it is slow and expensive while the internet has posts on how fast and inexpensive it is (written way back when). Those same people will then side with the up and coming centralized USC (Universal Settlement Coin). We all need to get teh word out that there is no such thing as "The Blockchain" but rather "the bitcoin blockchain" and the other decentralized blockchains. Most importantly, that there are centralized blockchains like Ripple that will be government tools of control.

this is well information.i like it thanks for shearing

so now dash will be worth $100k FREAKING MIND BLOWING

Over 280,000 transactions now?! That is ridiculous. Nice call buying Dash at $9. Curious to see how the better software coins ramp up in 2018.

Thanks for sharing this post. According to what I was reading there are several currencies whose objective is to facilitate transactions. Minimize times and costs. One of the ones I have in mind is IOTA, supposedly for current use as green paper. Apparently it has a large volume and a stable price.

I hope that in the near future we have enough confidence and everything is prepared for the current use of cryptocurrencies. I have a hairdresser and we accept many cryptocurrencies.


Thanks for sharing!

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