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RE: This time last year I sold out of bitcoin - bought dash.

in #unconfirmed4 years ago

I sent some small dollars from @blocktrades to my wallet and it's now 15 hours and no confirmation yet...! The charges are insane.

You should imagine the anger I now have as a minnow....really upset and my Christmas is officially messed up due to Bitcoin.

I am here watching the price drop drop drop and this is the saddest part to me as a minnow...!


The price is dropping because the devs on bitcoin extended a full year of huge fees just to receive huge fees. Then they though a fork would fix it - experts said no. Then all then new ads and hyp making everyone want "bitcoin". People who are in the know would say "use steem (instand and free) or Dash (very low fees and sends almost instantly)" Bitcoin is not the fix all - it's useless and almost as slow and expenses as Western Union - before it was taking their customers.

It will scale one day and work fast again - today is not that day.

Come to Dash.

Will definitely come to dash,wanted some fiat for's Why I chose buyers for altcoins yet here in Uganda...most people buy only Bitcoin!!!

By the time you buy Dash the price of BTC will go up again. And Dash price might stay or go down. Yes BTC is going down and thats good so we can buy some more at lower level.

It's a rollercoaster ride being in the crypto world,am enjoying hehehe

"It will scale one day and work fast again - today is not that day.
Come to Dash."