Talking to @steevc about SteemCampUK 2

The one person I know best who was already here when I arrived is Steve Clark aka @steevc - he's always here being friendly to people, he made me feel welcome back in August 2016 and he's continued to do that ever since. I'm really glad he's coming to SteemCamp. We had this chat last night about his view of the state of Steem and what he's looking forward to at SteemCamp.

Please Book Here for SteemCampUK 2

SteemCamp is happening in a couple of weeks in Leicester. It's an unconference, that means everyone is welcome to come and talk about what they're most interested in about the world of Steemit and the applications of the Steem blockchain. Newbies are always welcome, we're a very friendly lot and it's a great place to meet other people who have all sorts of experiences of using this platform. .


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