Rainbow Appeared After Hours Of Showers Of Rain

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While growing up, I was told that when rain is trying to fall and rainbow appears, the rain won't fall again but it can still shower a little drops..


There has been showers of rain since Saturday morning, no serious rain just showers.

Today immediately after church the showers or rain continue.
While it was showering I was doing some Laundry, when I was through, I waited for the showers of rain to stop before going out to spread my cloths...

As I was spreading the cloths I looked to the east and saw a bright rainbow.
It was beautiful.



After seeing the rainbow I just believe that rain won't fall again..
Because the appearance of rainbow shows rain won't fall or fall very well..
Since the rainbow appeared no single drop of rain..

Happy Birthday John the Baptist
Happy Sunday to you all


Happy Purple Sunday

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God bless you
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Wow, it has been long I saw Rainbow.

Thanks for capturing the moment.


You welcome

Thanks for visiting