Shit Posting... Trying to Stick To the Daily Posting While Living In Venezuela

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Like I said in my last post I need a new phone, I mean have you look at my current phone?

I will give you a moment to feel sorry for me… Now let's move on...

Yes, I need a new phone like ASAP, mainly cause the power cuts that happen on a daily basics in my country, and the whole “I work from home in the internet thing” (like I said, I already made a post about it you can read it here if you like (I Need a New Phone… The Struggle is REAL!).

And so… Here is my try at posting daily to raise the money to buy a new one, I’m supposed to be making a good post to you know maybe draw the attention of some curators like OCD (and the Blocktrades trail vote that comes alone)? Or something like that, but! I live in Venezuela and well the power cuts are pretty much making not sense at all, we have some days when the power goes from 8am to 5pm then we have some good days when the power goes from 5pm to 12am and we also have some days when we spend 36 hours straight without any electrical power at all, so……………. Here I am trying to make this post as fast as I can to take advantage of the fact, that I do have electrical power right now.

I don’t know what to post about and I fear the power will go out again before I can make a post so…. Here goes nothing into the void of my feed, is not like I do quality posting or somebody reads me anyways =)

In fact, I just notice that my internet connection has just fallen so…. Probably not going to be able to post this, I think it knows is shit posting and it doesn’t want me to post xD

1 hour has gone by and the internet connection just came back I will post this as it is and ill have to just say IM SORRY FOR SHIT POSTING

As always, thank you very much for reading me and I hope to read your comments!

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You have my sympathies! Have some sugar! Hugs! ♥♥♥
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Those posts from Venezuela make me sad. I don't understand how the government can treat people like this. People are what makes the country so you should treat them well. All those electricity issues must make you feel like you would live 200 years ago or so.

Try to post some photos if you want to attract bigger accounts. It might be difficult in your current situation but I believe this would work.

Fingers crossed for you! Have a good weekend!


I live in Russia and understand.

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@victoriabsb, Hope that soon you can buy your new phone and definitely Venezuela is facing the deep crisis and hope that soon the situation will be fine there. Stay blessed.

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I personally love that baby and all I see when I look at your phone is that adorable little one. Posting daily isn't easy and in your situation, I cannot even imagine. Hats off to you!

What I find helps in posting daily is trying to find a weekly theme. For example, this week will be all about babies because kubby needs more pictures. Next week could be about the current living situation.

Are you reading any books, maybe a book review?

Keep at it girl, You are awesome!