Ulog Contests: "Daddy's Cookies" - Simple Tell Us Your Daddy's 3rd Favorite Color/Colour.

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We will start a series of contests very regularly but to apply contests to a more testimonial and historical use etc... These #ulog-contests will be very simple contests that will accomplish a long-road-of-things. For one, we will use these contests to implore everyone and Uloggers to explore the use of ulogs.org and the full-beauty of the #ulog  movement and the fun, world-adjusting art of ulogging. We will have  many such fun ulogging-activities going forward and in the long run, use much of activities to continue to up-build our Ulogs.org model as well as up-build the model of our Ulogs' mainstream game etc  

We will keep this particular post simple as it is a contest. 

See the last three (still open) #ulog-contests:

Contest Proper

This contest is a very simple contest called: Daddy's Cookies

This contest is easy and every participant wins something!!!

Simply visit https://ulogs.org and sign in. Then, respond to this post using ulogs.org. In your response, simple tell us your daddy's 3rd favorite color.

Note that the art of #ulogging is  fun art that "mines the human" as well creates ulogacies.
As simple as this contest is, it is a Ulog-contest and it will help you dig. You may have to either dig your mind's eye to try to recall your daddy's 3rd favorite color (involves love) or you will need to go locate your dad, to ask him.
Yes, daddy's third favorite color is quite different from his first.

Quick Guidelines For Effective Participation.

As uloggers, you are encourage to love ulogs.org and relish using it. We hope this  #ulog-contests puts us in that culture. (Note that you can carry out all steemit activities also on https://ulogs.org). It is still in test phase and your "using it" gives us feedback to improve on it.
  • To participate in this contest, you are encouraged to use https://ulogs.org to comment your answers. (Optional)
  • You can still participate even if you aren't fully participating by leaving a reaction comment.
  • You can re-ulog this post for visibility. (Optional)
  • You are encouraged to mention friends etc in the comments below, so that they can participate. You can do so, even if your aren't participating. (Optional)
  • You can pass this post across to steemians, uloggers etc who are currently not actively posting as they can gather some rewards by simply participating. (Optional)
  • If you participate (optional), you will learn something and learning is the ultimate earning. 
  • The contest is very easy as there are no wrong answers. You can fully participate or simply guess the answers! 

Why To Consider Participating Via Ulogs.org?

  • You will be giving back to steem. 
  • Be reminded of steem's beauty. 
  • You will get in the art of ulogging. 
  • You be "true fans" of Uloggers and ulog-subtags and the communities these bear forth etc
  • You can earn some rewards.
  • You will learn something. 
  • If you participate by mentioning your friends, they will find out   about ulogging and those who have temporarily gone into-the-box as   regards "steeming" can be restored to "out-of-the-box" once again   through ulogging
  • We will get to know you better and this helps the #ulog movement.

The Rewards Styling

Every participant will win something in the comment section before their comment pays out. Receiving is an art. However, small or big the rewards, give it more testimonial essence. 
  • Every participant wins some rewards. 
  • Correct answers that use https://ulogs.org to respond, will win the most rewards. 
  • Correct answers that didn't use https://ulogs.org, will win more rewards
  • Incorrect answers will win rewards
  • Wrong guesses will win rewards.
  • If you simply mentioned friends to participate (in the comments), you will win rewards.
  • If you re-ulogged this post and you are able to indicate that you did so in the comments, you will win rewards. 
  • etc

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well my Baba's 1st 2nd 3rd or so on alll time favourite colour is white :p

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hahaa will visit your last comment still. only you got it. the bird one. thank you for joining. kindly subscribe to uloggerstv on youtube

I think my dad's third best colour is brown. @abidemiademok21, @oladoye come see this

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big thanks bro

the third favorite color of my dad is brown, and I want to invite @litzismar and @aglaideromero to see if they agree with me.

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My dad's third favorite color was black.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

thank you

Dad's third favorite color is white, because he always wears it on his clothes. Participate dear #uloggers @angeloguzman @dancejorai @gensequini @ismaelugas @cindycam

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Thank you alot

My Dad's third best colour is Green... @honourmaus @harbysco @ewuoso @julietisrael @adejoke come and see this

View the full context olodo...

my answer is I don't know. and I will never have the chance to ask him because sadly,my father is no longer alive. He died when I was only 2 months in my mother's womb.

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I am sorry to know this sis. It must be difficult for your mom and your family. But it is inspiring to see how you have fared well despite the loss.

Posted using Partiko Android

yes ate. yung panganay palang namin ang naka finished ng college nun, eh we're eight. nakagraduate naman na kami lahat ngayon. thanks to my mom, she didn't gave up on us, and most of all to Jehovah

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I have no idea,hehe
I think I'll just ask him in my dreams 😁

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Its red.. he likes white first and then blue.. @twodorks come join the fun!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

you are always welcome.. i hope everything is well with you.. :)

The third favorite color of my father is green, and I want to invite @primi and @gisel to participate in this activity

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Thank you.

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