ULOG: 24 Fine cloudy day ⛅️

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Ulog 24

There’s always SUNSHINE after the RAIN

Finally the sun came out today! Hoping it will be better in other places too! I heard there’s a big storm coming in North Carolina. Please be all safe and be with your love ones!

I didn’t expect the rain will cause flood inside our lot! I had to carry my son to the gate this morning so he can go to school without getting dirty. But I‘m still thankful we’re all fine and it didnt cause any serious damage.

Although at the back in our little farm where the chickens and the ducks are, they got soaked in the rain and are all wet everywhere! It’s a big mess! I can’t clean yet because the ground is too muddy, I will have to wait ‘til it‘s dry. 😩

I feel bad for my little chicks, I took them inside the house to keep them warm since they got really wet. I hope none of them dies. By tomorrow I can return them back to their mama.

When Tama came home from school the flood went away already. Thank goodness!


My babies enjoying the fine cloudy day!





What a beautiful day it is.

Xoxo, Mama dork 💕

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I absolutely love the photo with the bus. My favorite color combinations is blue, green, yellow, and white. This photo fits so well into that color combo. I often wonder why colors cause such an emotional response. Maybe its the idea of so much rain or those poor little chicks. Whatever the reason, i just love the photo.


Thank you Ren for dropping by my post.. I appreciate that you took the time to comment in here!

And yes color does give an impact! It just give so much emotions!

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cutiepies! miss them so much! of course I miss you too @twodorks.. ;D buyag nman hira prinz.. good to see them enjoying it there! ^^,)

True!! You will never see a rainbow during sunny days.. they always comes after every rain or storm. It is soft reminder to us.

I envy you wide lot coverage!!! Our sons would enjoy running around hahaha and we will lose pounds as we run after them for sure..

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