Ulog #3: I am a Fan of Mushroom N' Swiss Burger of Hardees

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Hi, Steemit friends! It's 4.33 in the morning here in Dubai. How is everyone? I hope you all are okay. I am feeling better right now since someone's satisfied me with my cravings. Don't you that I am a fan of Mushroom N' Swiss Burger of Hardees? Yeah, I love it so much..


Then you add this ice cream Chocolate and Strawberry Shake. You just have to upgrade your drinks to this one and just add 8dirhams.


Hello to this young girl who is always conscious and doesn't want to be included in the photo if she isn't good during the day/night. Hahahaha! See how she is trying to cover her face while I am taking photo and she slapped me for being makulit too. Well, actually I am same as her sometimes. Lols!


So after, I went back to the room and still bored so I just take some selfies using camera 360. I loved to use this app cause it makes me more pretty and fresh.. 😂 Para sa ekonomiya!!!


And apply this fun make over. I am having fun, really I am until this time. Hahahaha!


Can't stop capturing until my phone will become full of selfies.


So I am trying to be serious now.


This is what I am doing if I am alone in the room. All my roommates are in the outside including my best friend @drueeey..

So this is my 3rd #ulog.. Wait for the 4th one.. 😂

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You look really cute in these pics! The food looks good too. Thanks for sharing! :)

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Oh I love that mushroom and swiss burger too. It has been a long time that I have not eaten that.