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James 5:1-6 / Mark 9:41-50

It would be interesting to ask 🗣people what they want in life. Interesting because of the answers that they might give🙈. The probable answers are: I want health; I want success; I want freedom; I want independence; I want to be rich, etc.

How many would say this:
I want to find meaning in life🤔.
Or, I want to be the person that I am created to be🤔.

To what extent and at whose expenses are we ready to achieve those probable answers listed above❓Before we start to look 👀 away as if the words of James today is meant only for the Dangotes of this world 🌎, we must realize that we are all rich in one way or the other.

To be rich in the Bible 📖usually means having great possessions🎁💴 while those around are in great need. Such wealth can never be justified. It is a gross injustice and cries out to God for redress. The real sin of the rich is because their wealth is gained through injustice and oppression😭 - they cheat their workers😰, delay their salaries money💰, and condemned the innocents.

James said: _“It was a burning fire 🔥 that you stored up treasure for the last days.” _ 📖 What a way to tell us that goods used or gather for selfish means will testify against us on the last day❗

We really may have to think 🤔💭 and situate ourselves in all these. It is really not out of place to check our consciences 💔how we make our riches, and the usage of resources under our control.

At the end of the day, wealth consists not in having plenty, but in having few wants. All we want, all we need is Jesus. The rest is transient and will eventually pass away. But Jesus will be our eternal reward👌🏼.

Good morning 🌞 and have beautiful day .

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