We Are Working Hard To Announce The Use Of Ulogs.org In The Coming Days.

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I have been busy filling ulogs.org with words. These words play the role of "style-guide" but in the grand scheme of things, instill a culture, empower and inspire, among other things. 

We would want each user of ulogs.org to love using it. We want it to turn into a home. "True celebrities" (Uloggers) have dreams and these dreams will need to be kept alive in dream-bits and rehearsed into fruition and we will like all these and more to happen on ulogs.org

Look at the series of screenshots below, displaying some of the recent developments on Ulogs.org:

First notice that you will be able to post under #untalented and #teardrops from ulogs.org

#ulog-quotes gained traction and we adopted it on ulogs.org, also giving it a specialized editors. 
Also, notice that fresh #ulog-based communities will be born, grown and sustained on ulogs.org, tended to and overseen by certified & verified Uloggers.

We are working hard to announce ulogs.org for use, in the coming days. This hasn't happened yet, though the site have been under test by volunteers. 

Ulogs.org will still be in "Alpha" upon announced for use.

Thus, we are using the coming days to fill ulogs.org with "words". Instead of full-blown design(s) during alpha, we will be using "words" for a start. 

There are many reasons for this. 

For one, "design" is a long-term development. More importantly though, i still very much believe in the power of words. Notice from the screenshots above, that each of these "wordings" come with a collapse component, allowing users to expand or collapse these area(s) as desired. 

We also now have a number of specialized editors on ulogs.org and more will unfold over the course of time. At this point, ulogs.org is beginning to have definition and "wordings" will give insight into the "destination".

Stay tuned and kindly play around and explore ulogs.org for now and love to use ulogs.org when it is announced for use in the coming days.

Note: Ulogs.org allows you to enjoy the entire steem ecosystem. So, you can still post like you would on steemit, comment, view wallet transactions, upvote, view notifications, view the steem blockchain transactions (with sort filters) etc

Your Boy Terry


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Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

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Thanks again @surpassinggoogle for this very great news we have for us. You'll have my 100%.

Greetings, Great Surpassinggoogle

I wonder how difficult and well-pulled the work you're developing.

I imagine that the programmers and the other professionals are "running out of time" to do this work in time and very well developed.

I wish you luck and be ready and well done this work.

Good night!!!!

I love this community, I already subscribed on youtube, facebook and discord. 100% support

Already subscribed both youtube channels and liked facebook page. Waiting for what will be posted from there !

@surpassinggoogle, Keep up these updates and in my opinion, Development Is An Evolution. And step by step we will going to move towards the real days for sure.

And yes, great to hear how you described the Engagements as filling with words. And in my opinion once it is released for the masses then for sure many will visit and will going to fill with words.

Teardrops is another aspect which in my opinion can bring the joy if turned into the SMT Economy because already we saw that Teardrops became an emotional aspect for many and they are posting their emotions.

So, good luck and great to read all these updates and waiting for the amazing times ahead. And i believe that ULOG will going to turn into the ULOG ECONOMY.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you Terry for making good memories on the internet.

Come on #uloggers! LEt's rock n roll!!
Good job Terry!
All the best!! xoxo

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Greetings @surpassinggoogle, ok in mind we are waiting for your ads on the platform ulogs.org

Thank you for visiting your blog, and I have already visited youtube (UloggersTV) and I subscribe

This is so fabulous Terry! I am thankful to be part of your #ulog #uloggers #ulogacy family <333 Thank you for always being such a bright beautyfull beacon of LOVE and LIGHT for the World and ALL of Humanity @surpassinggoogle. Reiki Hugs!!!!

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It's a pleasure & Honor BeautyFull. Love you @surpassinggoogle! Reiki Hugs!!!!!

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This is great news. The greater the choice of platforms for STEEM, the more it is popular. Thank you very much, for your tremendous work

Это отличная новость. Чем больше выбор платформ для STEEM, тем более он популярен. Спасибо Вам большое, за Ваш колоссальный труд

Wow, can't wait for the announcement. You guys are doing a great job with https://ulog.org

Hello @surpassinggoogle how did you do this all the stuff at work and so much busy. But you still make a way to creat a wonderful update in telegram and teardrops you make some amazing stuff. Your team was a good programing the projects. You dont waste your time to us you are our heroe, your effort is the best indicator of interest. Creativity is a wonderful thing it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

The very good thing about being a ulogger is you are like in one big family, we are brothers and sisters here at ulogs.org, we are sharing each others dream to become one, and for this reason "LOVE" is what you, me, anybody are creating through this wonderful site brought to us by our bro Terry. Thanks a million to you @surpassinggoogle! I never get tired on saying that because you trully deserves it. I love this quote "do good and good will come to you".

I love seeing your posts and still praying you keep on the road to getting more energy.

Great job u have there brother.
We know all the efforts you've been doing for that project
Thank you for doing that for our community
Wish you all the best, Take care brother

great news. We are all waiting and supporting ulog.org. I know it will be great!

More power to you Sir Terry. I wish nothing but the best with ulogs.org. I've been using it to all my ulogs and it works pretty well.

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Thanks for making all these effort for the community. We are here to support you sir Terry. And we await for the full launch!


I'm super excited. I really do enjoy using ulogs.org to monitor activities, it's convenient.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Wow...well done on the work.
I can attest to that because there are more links to take actions...and I'm marvelled that i can read the whole post in one day.😁

Keep shining

goodluck for your aim sir, im always herr to support you.

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Thanks alot Terry for doing so much effort to this community . Maybe it's a little bit late but I just vote You ( @steemgigs ) as a witness , . Your doing such a amazing job!! Congrats for your achievements and more to come !

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You have done so much for ULOG Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle. I am eternally grateful for it. Thank you for making it easier for us to navigate. I cannot wait to use it in full bloom.

I am constantly using the site for it is more convenient especially in creating comments to other fellow steemians. And the notifications now are superb! You can see every single activity happening in your account.

Cheers! Ulog on! 😊

PS.. dont work too much, take care of your health.. we care..

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Thanks for the boost!! Well apreciated @samic

I know that every step you take is thought through. You have shown that we are valuable to you, hence the success of ULOG. Sure, any project you want to develop will be for the benefit of everyone and we will certainly support you. Don't hesitate, my friend!!

Thats wonderful to reckon....ulog.org has made steeming easier for a learner like me.

Kudos to @surpassinggoogle for such a great project.

Gracias @surpassinggoogle por tu dedicacion para esta plataforma

I've been using Ulog.org and it's very friendly. Thank you for sharing it.

Wow this is really nice i can't wait to start using it. Great work.

It already works wonderfully well.
Try to use it.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

This is a great development and me and thousands will benefit from it.

wow, I thought it was fully functional. tried using it yesterday to post but it wasn't working. I thought it was my broswer since I am using a blackberry z3.

well, I hope to use the site to post when it is fully functional. Great job

It already works wonderfully well.
Try to use it.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

This is amazing boss @surpassinggoogle, I am so proud of you sir, and I pray to God to keep u strong, and healthy, make all things that will bring Joy to you be fulfill. Because of this awesome plan of ulogs.org for us. Regards to your mum as well and all the best wish.

I can't waiting for ulogs.org, I keep logging in to know if I can be the first. Thanks a lot for you future dreams for us will be fulfill IJN. Amen

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Great handwork and effort may Jehovah support you for the effective project you are doing, great work @surpassinggoogle

Great work @surpassinggoogle Jehovah will render you more strength to accomplish your mission...hi @julisavio

I am so excited by all that you @surpassinggoogle is doing. That's great this will make all that easy.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Thank you for sharing this very good news. Excited for this and can't wait for it. Thanks again @surpassinggoogle.

Just read about you in facebook you are a man on a mission hats off to you sir for your love and support for tons of people.

Ulogs are taking the flight now slowly we are moving to next level i am so glad to be with one of the best person in the world he is none other than terryboy

They are a great community, I am so happy that they are innovating

We are so greatful that steemgigs is very supportive specialy to @surpassinggoogle. As part of this community I will do my best to help and support our family.

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Just waiting for the updates of ulogs they are completly changing the dynamics at the same time i thank you for all the people who are around this community.

I am still very young in the game of ulogs but i am so happy looking at the progress of ulogs soon this community will become rich in terms of knowledge as i can see bigger players are joining in ulogs.

hello, mister terry, I have a suggestion
it would be great to have uloggerstv in Spanish, we ask you many users that use Google translator to communicate with you, the Spanish language included will be very helpful for us
a great greeting from venezuela

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Looking at ulogs growth its really amazing one day i will see you in great heights you are my hero and my inspiration.

Resteemed. And you have all the strenght to do it all. We are in full support of everything you do @surpassinggoogle

This is awesome sir looking at the devlopment images i think we are having exited times a head,have a great day sir.

This is great sir Terry. More power to you and we hope all your plans becomes successful. We are here to support you.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Wow, this is lovely, but i wanna ask a question,

ulogs.org will be live soon and launched in Alpha, which i understand Alpha produces high energy and fast moving particles.

Was that why you abduct it?
Compare to others on Beta @surpassinggoogle

Interesting project. Congrats SG! 🤗

The easiest yet the most exciting way of blog, #ulog!

I you are putting much work in here, i cant wait for the official lunch. Keep the good work "ulog will trend, waiting to use it to post. Cant wait anymore😍😍😍

I hope everything will be good as planned. Thanks @surpassinggoogle for always making the effort to develop things for the community. More power to you!

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This is a great news thank you so much sir for making my world beautiful with ulogs.

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Way to go!!!

Patiently waiting @surpassinggoogle

You're the best.

You are a great inspiration for me how you are doing such a large projects and helping thousands of people is really amazing,i rates you a lot higher as a person.

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