SteemCleaners, Cheetah And Every Curation Guild On Steem, Kindly Read This Short Draft.

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I have had the intention of doing a detailed post about this before this questionaire came to my fore. This is just a draft in the meantime.

Note: one of the major paradigms involved in the advent of #ulog is "to help the steem ecosystem in terms of adoption and growth, and in this regard, compliment the effort of curation bodies like steemcleaner, cheetah etc
I do regard the efforts of steemcleaners etc as "curation" as according to me, curation doesn't only involve the art of upvoting or bring content to visibility. it comprises of many activities, one being "the responsibility of ensuring that the correct or right content is brought to visibility etc".

More recently for #ulog and some of the other tags tied to this community, like #teardrops and #untalented, i want to apply a fresh style of curation called "fan-style curation" that involves "everyone". 

#ulog is built on the model of "true celebrities" and "true fans".

This means that in the coming weeks or months, when alpha is announced and #ulog etc enters full-blown motion, i will apply this style of curation to all the tags that I tend to visit frequently and to a more magnified extent with the help of "certified uloggers". is built around a list of certified uloggers. Thus, our primary focus is to "grow in our number of certified uloggers (true celebrities), with the conviction that "every other thing fixes, there upon"
First stop thus, is to gather some 500 certified uloggers and grow the numbers from there.
Basically, if we apply many or everyone to curating tags as "true fans" as opposed to just moderators or selected curators, we can have more impact as curation suddenly becomes easier too, in the presence of many hands. 

Note that we will re-birth all existing tags on steemit etc and intergrate every existing community on steem under the umbrella of #ulog, by means of ulog-subtags. This way we will also cover every niche when it comes to the kind of content we emanate and curation. ulog-subtags will birth fresh ulog-communities. 

Certified uloggers will now be empower to cater to various ulog-subtags also using curation.  

As true fans "certified uloggers" will assist the likes of steemcleaners etc and in the art of effective curation also by giving users who struggle with content-creation etc easier options e.g ulogging or #untalented etc to get them in the groove of posting.
Ulogging allows users old and new to enter this groove, as they can afford to "discuss U (you) at least once a day. Users can always blog, vlog and ulog. worse case, they can ulog.
Well, within a ulog, one can also blog or vlog as long as they generate this ulog, without resourcing from the internet in a bid to gift to it, and where they draw content "fresh" from a particular day.

The whole concept of ulog entails "gifting to the internet too" at least once a day. This means that e.g under #ulog-memes a user needs to create the image and text that makes up the ulog-meme fresh, drawn from events within a particular day.
This means that a ulog-meme created by a ulogger today, shouldn't have existed anywhere online, yesterday.

For a ulogif, a user needs to create the scenaries for the gif and sentiments etc drawn from within a particular day.
Basically, another core essence of ulogging is "a conscious art of mining the human".

Someone writing under #ulog-helpie can use ulogging to create fresh content as "true fans" of the helpie community, all drawn from a particular day etc

A core essence of #ulog is "serving the search engines, to where there is a ulog-resource for every world-renown trend, hashtag, niche or search query, thus, reshaping the internet with freshly-made content (per day) that are ulogs (fresh pieces of human)

The concept of ulog is simple and we have made it simpler by creating endless options in the form of ulog-subtags, so that at least once a day, each one can create fresh content, solely created "by you" without resourcing from the internet.

Now since we will focus on growing in the number of "certified uloggers", we will have great effect especially also, with regards to curation.
The growth plan is basically to incentivize "Certified uloggers" to become true fans as opposed to just curators. Curation thus becomes less rigorous and fun and "education" during curation can become as simple as giving options i.e a ulog-subtag option.
I will complete a post that explains this growth plan in detail soon.

We will have videos to make these directional comments (used by certified uloggers during curation) easy, all create by "Certified uloggers"

Note that on, each certified ulogger can choosechose to oversee a ulog-subtag, multiple ulog-subtag, plus, they can create their own and grow ulog-communities eventually. This means that we will have their names on their respective ulog-subtag space on and provide them with tools, features and influence to enable them all the more, to be actual "true fans" of #ulog etc during curation, even though they are "true celebrities".

If you check you will get some insight into these things

So apart from actively educating "Certified uloggers" on how to effectively curate as "true fans", they become owners too.
We create incentive by various ways to maintain their desires to grow their ulog-communities. We have several ways lined up to accomplish this.

e.g (here is one way). Assuming snook is overseeing #ulog-helpie, we can say that if she is able to get 5 or 10 people to post correctly, with right tags etc and ofcourse create content under that tag, for say a period of 2 weeks consistently, we will give her ulog-community, its own dedicated editor etc on

(Basically, we will manually update dynamically for "certified uloggers").

Now when has its own dedicated editor (which will also celebrate @snook's name in further lights on, her curation becomes easier too. Educating users in general e.g "fans of helpie" etc on drawing others in to join in, in becoming true fans of ulogging and helpie, will become as easy as; "i noticed that steemcleaners has visited your post and you are seeking ways to improve in content-creation, why not try out ulogging to get back in the groove. Then, she can simple recommend a ulog-subtag in relation to the user's interest and in this case, she can directly send the user to an ulog-editor that will guide matters e.g let's say etc

I am sorry that my short response to the questionaire isn't orderly. I have been struggling and i have been preparing a post that explains this, hoping that i could add that post to my response but that has delayed my response to the questionnaire altogether; hence this shorte and rushed answer.

I will try my best to finish that post in a week and submit it. 

Another reason for my delayed response, is that I was hoping that the development of could complete, so I could add that as part of my response. (I am hopeful that will be completed within a week too.)

As for collaboration with curation bodies like steemcleaners, cheetah etc?
I feel a major step in this direction will begin when i have completed my full-blown post about the "growth plan" for #ulog and gathered a base number of active "certified uloggers", say 100.

As mentioned earlier, my plan is to integrate as many communities and enterprises existing on steem and to bring this to fruition, my focus is on "certified uloggers" and growing this number. This way, all other things can fall in place.
e.g "if we have some 100 certified uloggers, we can be sure that these 100 even as content creators and curators are reputable etc and are "true fans" of the idea of "fresh content, by "you" (per day).
Now, if we have 1000 certified uloggers, we can fix many things.
e.g steemcleaners can whitelist these users (in relation to #ulog) and have some algorthims in place built around these users and their curation to reduces their workload.

Overtime, when we fully start and with a growing number of certified uloggers many of whom will oversee ulog-subtags, all under the umbrella of the more popular #ulog, we want to have one tag on steem that creates freshly-made content organically and dynamically each day, to where at least 80 percent of these content are ulogs.

We want all curation guilds, investors etc to relish visiting these tag with knowledge that it is a clean tag.

Overall, this will help steemcleaners etc too.

A major collaboration in the short term though is, with appeals. Steemcleaners etc can add "ulogging" to their appeal system.

Ulogging is a great way to get content-creators who are new to steem etc or who spam to get back in the groove of creating content.
With the presence of many ulog-subtags, this gets very easy too.

But even without ulog-subtags, users can start "a road to recovery" according to e.g steemcleaners by simply recounting their day, in a full-blown ulog post, where they simply have to create all the content.

They can do this for a duration and I am confident that if "recommending ulogging" is  useable option to steemcleaners etc users who take this route to "recovery" (attaining a clean slate) will turn out great content creation afterall because instead of resorting to things like plagiarism, identity theft etc, they know that at least once a day, steeming can be as difficult as 1, 2, 3 by virtue of ulogging.
They will turn out "true celebrities" too, with the simple fun art of ulogging, confident in their own skin as they start to feel the presence of "true fans" drawing in and many things like identity theft etc will abate.
Note: will constitute "an ultimate true fan" of these ones.

Please note too, that ulogging is for private figures too, so curation bodies like steencleaners etc should have no reservations with regards to "recommending ulogging" to users.

Ulogging doesn't affect privacy and even adds a dimension to privacy, to where users don't have to lose out entirely on "opportunities" because they are private. So yes, private figures can still be uloggers.
In that case, they can use pictures of spots or locations etc, take videos without their faces, do ulog-podcasts etc (all fresh (per day))

Soon, i will have all the resources (both posts and videos) in one place, that steemcleaners and other curation bodies can just point appealers to, that explains how easy it is to ulog.

Ulogging is designed to "mine the human".
As appealers ulog and talk freely starting with themselves etc they actual grow and they become "true celebrities" and as "true fans" flock in, they will begin to emanate original blogs, vlogs etc too.

Resources to enable all that I have explained so far (in relation to "curation" etc) are limited but i believe in making do with the small that we have as #ulog wants to be built around "true fans" and actual growth in human, to where we will ulog without incentive is attainable etc.

So in due time, when the is ready, i will be able to distribute some extra steem power (influence), however small, to each certified ulogger overseeing ulog-subtags, so they can summon these power to vote on users who ulog right.

There will be much or better understanding of all this, when i can fully begin this journey.

I appologize that this write-up is disorderly but in a week or so, i would have written the post that fully explains this. I hope.
Normally, I would write such a post in one seating. I started the said post more than a month ago and I haven't had the ability to finish it.

And this draft is written from a hospital

The teardrops smt will reward "proof of tears" in the form of activities that "mine the human" and one such activity, is the simple, fun art of ulogging.

Special Note

We implore to kindly use in the art of ulogging. We truly want you to love and what it represents. We want you to be an active part of ups-&-downs and its stories and histories.  We want to create a world of "true celebrities" in the form of certified uloggers. Together, we want to emanate "great men and women", each of which can empower generations. These things and more! We would also love you to do your #untalented &    #teardrops posts, using these editors:  

Your Boy Terry


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hello @surpassingoogle, I hope you find yourself better, we continue on the road to reach the end of the tunnel, to show all the fresh and original content that the platform needs, always acting as true #uloggers and showing that we have much more to offer.

Greetings, @surpassinggoogle. Great updates and promotion. We'll keep working to provide fresh, original and awareness raising content for this platform. Let's hope curators notice the difference and give uloggers their true value.

@surpassinggoogle, Great to know about the Fan Style Voting and i strongly believe that this kind of Initiative will going to boost the Economy and by that i mean, every Individual holds different interest of work and this particular Different Interest aspect can be used in the Fan Style Voting and every ulog tags can be curate effectively. Let's hope for the best and keep up the great work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

It's going to make lot of sense and brings so much beauty to ulog, already we have so many tags attached to ulog and they are so many, I really love your innovative idea of bringing every other tags under the ulog umbrella, that, to me, is the best a man can do for the steemit ecosystem.

I am going to tend to #ulog-read

Sir @surpassinggoogle what will happen the #ulog platform in the future?

No dout parents are always source of supporting their children but Moms are those who we cant define in our wordings. Mom supports in each and every case and mostly she leave her wishes and desires in front of their children. May all Moms stay alive forever.

A very big draft

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How do I start to be certified ulogger step by step ?

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we are here to support you @surpassinggoogle just take it easy and slowly so you won't feel rushed or tense. You have a lot of us supporting you.

I filled out the form for you my friend :)

Hoping that you will gain some health and see your plans come to their full fruition soon!

Your girl Dreemie :)

Your all idea is so big also your your article . We wish you minimize your article size and focus only some point. We also you article daily

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Hi, i fill from few days ago but still not get teardrop token .

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Here is a small earning opportunity available to only teardrops SMT certified users but ofcourse every(any)one can get certified by completing 5 simple steps also highlighted in the post. Please participate:

I am wishing the continued success of your endeavors @surpassinggoogle
Do take care of your health.

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